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Behind each of your favourite stores are passionate, hardworking people who welcome you to take part in their story, every time you walk in. Here, we introduce you to the faces behind some of your favourite Stockland retailers. Learn about the history of their business, the products and services they offer and what they love about their local community.

Meet Janine, Auswide Bank


1. Tell us about your store?

For over 50 years Auswide Bank has been providing an extensive range of personal and business banking products and services to our valued customers. At Auswide Bank we aim to help Australian’s like you achieve home ownership, create wealth and provide quality, award winning banking and financial products and services that make life easier and protect your assets and loved ones.


2. What products, services or experiences do you offer?/What do you love about your store?

We offer a range of products and services including Home Loans and Lines of Credit, Car & Personal Loans, Everyday Banking Accounts, Term Deposits, Credit Cards, General Insurance, Business Banking, Vehicle and Equipment Leasing and Business Transaction Accounts. We would love for you to pop in to discuss your banking needs with one of our specialists. After all, your finances need to reflect your lifestyle and the surprises life throws at us along the way.

We are continuously reviewing and expanding our products and services to ensure they remain competitive and current to suit your needs.


3. What feedback do you get from your customers?

The best feedback we have received from our customers is how they love coming into our store to do their banking as they find us very friendly, and as we know them all by name, it makes them feel like they are more than just customers and not just a number. They also find it very convenient being located at the shopping centre, as they only need to go to one place to do their banking and shopping.


4. What do you wish customers knw before they visited your store?

I wish that they knew that Auswide Bank provides much more than everyday banking like deposits and withdrawals, in fact we provide a lot more and can be done in the store by our qualified staff who are members of our local community.


5. What drives you and the team to success?

We love to see our customers achieve their dreams, whether that be helping them to save for a specific goal, or the purchase of a brand new car, or finally being able to buy their first home. Helping them achieve these dreams is very satisfying and it gives the staff a great deal of pleasure knowing that you have helped them to do it. In a fast paced, complex and sometimes impersonal world, we believe it’s the small things that mean the most and create real value to our customers.


6. What do you love most about your job?

I love interacting with the locals and getting to know them by having a friendly chat to see how they are, what they have been up to and if we can help them out in anyway. I also have a great team, we all share the same view to strive to do the best for our customers. There is always lots of laughter coming from within the branch both with the clients and staff making it fun to come to work, besides the shopping is amazing and who doesn’t like to shop!


7. How have you coped with COVID-19 and what are you looking forward to??

With COVID-19 there was no rule book given when it came out, so adapting to a completely different workstyle and lifestyle has been hard for everyone concerned. Our clients have been exceptional in the way they have handled the rules with social distancing and the other rules and we thank them very much for their acceptance. Going forward with the easing of restrictions, I look forward to getting back to normal and have the freedom again that we were all used to prior to COVID-19.


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