A young elephants over-sized ears enable him to fly and helps save a struggling circus. Available now at Sanity! 


Get into Sanity for 2 new release DVD’s for $40 dollars.

There’s Five Feet Apart, A Dog’s Way Home, Us and King of Thieves. 

Or how about The Lego Movie 2, Escape Room, Greta and Hotel Mumbai. 

Sanity, Great Service, Great Value 

June Top 5:

1.    Outlander Season 4 (DVD)
2.    Captain Marvel (UHD, Blu-ray and DVD)
3.    Cold Pursuit (UHD, Blu-ray and DVD)
4.    Greenbook (Blu-ray and DVD)
5.    The Mule (Blu-ray and DVD)

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Start Date: 5 Jul 2019
End Date: 31 Jul 2019
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You can use your Stockland Gift card at Sanity

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