How to Guide

View an easy-to-follow guide to help you download and use Geni. 

1.  How to download Geni by Stockland

Download Geni on the App store using your mobile device
• Follow the prompts to download
• Register using email and create a password, or sign-in with Facebook or Google
• You are now ready to use Geni

2.  How to create a list

• At the top of the screen, press the ‘+’ button to create a new list.
• Enter a name of your new list.
• Press save.
• You can create as many lists as you like.
• Once your new list/s are created, you can begin adding items to your list. 

Geni how to final

3. How to add an item

• Select the list in which you would like to add an item.
• Once in your list, you will notice an ‘add item’ button at the top.
• Press ‘add item’ and begin typing the item name into the search bar. 
• As you type, your item will be matched against possible current offers.
• If there is a matching offer/s, it/they will display. 
• Select the offer you like and press the ‘save’ button.
• The item will now be added to your list.

Geni how to final

4. Search your favourite retailers for their unique offers

• Select the offers tab.
• Find your favourite retailer.
• Search their current offers and add these to your list. 

Geni how to shop retailer offers

5. Tick an item off your list
• You will notice a tick box to the left of each item in your list.
• Simply tick off an item from your list and it will automatically move from your ‘to-buy’ to ‘bought list’. 
• You can switch between your ‘to-buy’ and ‘bought’ list anytime in order to manage your shopping list. 

6. How to share a list

• All of your lists can be viewed from the homepage.
• The homepage is accessible by clicking the first icon on the bottom left of the screen (the icon looks like a house).
• Find the list you’d like to share.
• Each list has a settings button on the right (three dots).
• Select settings.
• Select the share button. 
• Four icon options will then appear (from left to right):

          1. Forward list – select this option to ‘forward’ a list to someone via SMS or email.

          2. Share list – select this option to ‘share’ a list real time with someone else.

          3. Settings – Use this setting to change the name of the list and add list comments.

          4.  Delete – select this to ‘delete’ the list you’ve selected. 
• If you’d like to share a list, select the second option to ‘share’ 
• Enter the email of the individual you would like to share your list with.
• Press the invite button.
• You have now shared your list.


If you require any support regarding your user experience please contact us.