Tips and Tricks

In order to improve your Geni experience, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to change the way you shop. This section will be updated with tips and tricks as the pilot continues. 

Tip 1.  Create multiple lists for different needs and events
Easily find what it is you need when you head to Stockland Balgowlah. 

Tip 2. Tick off an item once you purchase it
Ticking off an item from your list will automatically move it from your ‘to-buy’ list to your ‘bought’ list, thus making it easy to keep track of your shopping and what you still need to purchase during your visit. 

Tip 3. Select a great deal when creating a list and save money
When searching for an item, you will be presented with matching product offers from a variety of retailers. Select the offer you like to add it to your ‘to-buy’ list. 

Tip 4. Share lists to save time 
Imagine you’re at work. You and your partner are ‘sharing’ a shopping list. They get off work early, and pop into Balgowlah on the way home to pick up some items. Without even chatting, you’ll be able to see, in real time, what they’ve bought from your shared list.

Tip 5. Browse your favourite retailer offers.
Search your favourite retailer offers with out having to create a list by simply using the offers tab. You can then add the offers you like to your 'to-buy' list.