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In conversation with Bianca Beers

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Photography credit: Yasmin Suteja

We spoke to local creative force Bianca Beers about her life, career, and street style tips. And soon, you can meet her at Stockland Merrylands!

We followed her for streetwear styling tips, felt inspired by her artworks, and love her for her raw and real attitude – Bianca Beers is truly a creative force. We spoke to this local fashion icon, artist, designer, and creator about her childhood, her incredible career creating for the likes of Sony, and how she was personally invited backstage by the band she illustrated, and her love of street fashion and colour. Not to mention, she has one of the bubbliest and most positive personalities, with a focus on connection and bringing people together through art. 

Plus, she’ll be visiting Stockland Merrylands in the coming weeks for Street Style Sessions (non-ticketed) and Art Classes (ticketed) – but more on that later. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, tell us about 10-year-old Bianca. What was she interested in? 
If I recall correctly, she was deep into Disney movies, outer space, Ancient Egypt, and making miniature houses out of shoe boxes. All remains true except the shoe boxes.

How has your career evolved over the years?
It's been a slow and steady journey! I started out with not much knowledge, experience, money, or connections, some would say a recipe for disaster – but thankfully I had passion, determination, and a little bit of natural skill (thanks to my mum). I started out doing art on the side while working my full-time job. I made artworks for friends and sold art prints at the markets. Once word of mouth got around, I managed to snag a job for a huge retail company and although it wasn't paid, I was new to it all, so I jumped at the chance! As I did more and more work, I compiled a folio, created my website, and slowly built up all my socials – that's been the most tedious part. As I've gone along my journey, I've switched my style up here and there, doing what feels genuine to me at the time. I've also been trying new mediums and new applications such as GIFs, filters, augmented reality, animation, and NFTs (non-fungible token). There's still a lot to learn but I'm enjoying the ride.

Note: NFT means ‘Non-fungible token’ which is a piece digital content e.g. images, digital artwork, video, etc. The difference here is, that piece of artwork once sold, can be tracked and the more hype the content gets, the more value it accrues – similar to royalties – and the creator gets a ‘cut’ from all future sales. 

What was the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of your career?
There have definitely been some bigger projects since, but the one time I can truly remember feeling gobsmacked was when Sony asked me to draw portraits of an LA band I truly love, called The Internet. They loved the artwork and invited me to their gig as a thank you, which was such a nice gesture. Once the gig was over, they had their bouncer bring me and my friend backstage and I remember thinking ‘wow, who am I, what the heck is going on?’. We chatted all night and well into the morning, they were all so cool and down to earth. I genuinely enjoyed that night so much.

Where do you find your inspiration? And once you've found it, what’s your creative process like?
I get inspiration from a lot of different things: nature, fashion, interesting faces, bright colours, dreams, even other artists. Mainly I'll have a moment where I see something and it's like an ‘Aha!’ moment where I HAVE to draw this! The only problem is, if I leave it too long to get started, the inspiration can dissipate. I'm not someone who can draw when they're not in the mood, so that's something I've got to work on.

If you had to choose a motto that describes your life/aesthetic, what would it be?
"Bee yourself" – this is gonna sound corny as hell, but I have this tattooed on me. It's a quote from Aladdin, y'know when Genie is a little bee whispering in Aladdin's ear? Anyway, for me being yourself is really important, that's how I've met all the people and received all the things that were meant for me. Out of everyone in this world, you are the only you, so why waste time trying to be someone else?

What’s your favourite colour?
This changes constantly, but at the moment I would say red or purple! Red for passion and purple for luxury – things I'm trying to manifest more of in my life. 

What’s something about you that not many people would know?
As a kid, I had an old microscope and telescope thanks to a family friend. I was absolutely obsessed with them! I could never seem to get the telescope to work, but it came with sky mapping software, so I would rush home from school to scan the universe for ‘UFOs’ and would bring home thin slices of things to look at with the microscope. In saying all that, I'm surprised I'm not a scientist!

Are you looking to branch into other creative spaces in the coming years?
Yes! I've just recently dived into the NFT world, which is a really exciting digital realm to be a part of. Beyond that, I want to get better at animation and other design applications like augmented reality. The world's going digital and I wanna be a part of that!

What are some of the hottest streetwear trends you’re seeing in 2021? 
I love that baggy/oversized is back. I'm so about it. I'm also obsessed with the whole utility vibe – utility vests, chains, harnesses, hidden pockets, oversized pockets, chunky boots, and OTT accessorising. Fun and functional!

Note: you can learn more streetwear styling tips at Bianca’s upcoming style sessions. More information below. 

If someone wanted to dabble in streetwear but not fully commit, how could you subtly include it in your styling?
Oh, that's a good question! Starting small with accessories is probably your best bet. For example, you could bring one street accessory into your ‘fit – say you're wearing a dress, you could pair it with a fitted cap, a bum bag, or some crisp white sneakers. Immediate win!

What’s your favourite way to style sneakers?
Once I get sneakers, I immediately lace them the ‘proper’ retro way and then sometimes draw a little 'B' on them to mark them as my own. Once they're good to wear, I like to pair them with a dress for some spicy juxtaposition, a baggy tee and bike shorts, or a matching sweat fit. 

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What’s one throwback streetwear trend you wish would come back, and one you hope doesn’t.
Everything I wanted to see come back, has – baggy clothes, chunky sneakers, matching sets, hoops, body jewellery. One thing I hope never comes back – wearing your cap twisted to the side. Useless and ridiculous.

We’re so excited to have you visit the centre for your art classes! What can people expect from the Bianca Beers Art Class? Should they come prepared with inspo?
I’m totally open to guests finding some inspo to get their juices flowing, but it’s not necessary at all! Attendants should expect to connect, have fun, and surprise themselves. We all have the makings of an artist within us!

You can check out more of Bianca’s work via her Instagram @biancabeers or website And if you’d like to meet Bianca Beers and learn about street style and art from one of the brightest creative minds in the industry, find more information below. 

Street Style With Bianca Beers
Chill out with local artist and fashion icon Bianca Beers at Stockland Merrylands and listen to a live 45-minute style session about urban streetwear, trends, and how to mix up your own look and feel. She’ll also be answering all of your streetwear styling questions, so come prepared! 

Visit our website for times and location. This is a non-ticketed event so all are welcome. 


Street Style Art Class With Bianca Beers 
With Bianca’s creative guidance, create your own graffiti art and paint it on to a tote bag to take home. Freestyle your design or choose from a range of stencils, designs and paints in this 1-hour workshop

Recommended for ages 14+
Tickets $10 each and includes all supplies and tote bag to customise
For times, location and to secure your ticket, visit the website here


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