Event dates

Saturday 14 December 2019

10:00 AM - 04:00 PM


Stay N Play

Dates: Saturday 14 - Tuesday 24 December

Location: Ground level, opposite Woolworths

Cost: Free

Christmas just got a little more convenient for parents at Stockland Merrylands.

Our free Stay N Play service is back so you can shop child free while the kids have fun under the care of certified, professional childcare workers. 

Need an hour to run some errands in centre without the kids? Need to buy Christmas presents for the kids without them there? Stay N Play is for you!

Hours of operation

Saturday, 14 December

10am - 2pm

Sunday, 15 December

12pm - 4pm



Monday, 16 December

10am - 2pm

Tuesday, 17 December

10am - 2pm

Wednesday, 18 December

10am - 2pm

Thursday, 19 December

10am - 2pm

Friday, 20 December

10am - 2pm

Saturday, 21 December

10am - 4pm

Sunday, 22 December

12pm - 4pm



Monday, 23 December

10am - 4pm

Tuesday, 24 December

10am - 4pm

How does Stay N Play work? We've answered some of your common questions below:

1. How old does my child need to be?

We accept children that are from 3 years of age, or very nearly 3. If a child is entering with siblings for example, we take this into consideration. Importantly, your child should be happy to be left, and you should be happy to leave them.

2. Is there a cost?
The Stay N Play service is completely free!

3. How long can my child stay?
The Stay N Play service usually entitles a child to stay for up to an hour, but please check when you register your child, there may be exceptions.

4. Do I need to book?
No, there is no booking required. You can simply turn up and register your child.

5. How do I register my child?
We request that you sign your child in by completing a registration form. We will then give your child a wristband with a unique identification number.  The stub of that wristband will be given to you for you to collect your child.

6. Is the centre secure?
Yes. Everything we do is designed to ensure the safety of your child. Our staff are carefully selected for their experience in working with children and all hold appropriate police checks. There is a qualified First Aid team member in every centre.

7. Do you allow food in the centre?
No.  In order to protect other children, who may suffer from allergies and anaphylaxis, we do not allow any food or drink in the centre. Children may bring in a water bottle, which we will label at the time of registration.

8. What happens if my child needs to use the bathroom?
One of our trained staff can take them. When you register your child, we will usually ask if they need to use the bathroom prior to coming into the centre.

9. What if my child is upset and asking for me?
We will call you on the phone number provided during registration process. We will do all we can to comfort and settle your child, but if they cannot be consoled quickly, we will call you and let you know.

10. Is your equipment safe and clean?
Yes, and yes. All of our equipment is purchased through childcare and education suppliers. Each day, the centre is cleaned and reset for the following day and broken items are discarded for safety.  When the centre is finished for the week, we undertake a rigorous cleaning schedule, which includes washing scissors, wiping pens, washing dress ups, pots, table cloths, and cleaning of chairs and carpets.  We use hand sanitiser as part of the registration process to prevent the spread of germs.

For more information about Stay N Play click here.

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