The story of YourFix doesn't date back hundreds of years. It's not the tale of a disenfranchised musician or poet who moonlighted as a barista and started roasting coffee in his grandmothers basement, or his father's garage.

No, the story of YourFix is not a fairy-tale or urban myth if one man's passion and dedication against all odds.

The story of YourFix is far more simple and in our opinion much more fresh, and that's exactly what great coffee should be.

Our story starts in 2015 when our founder walked into a Sydney cafe with his son for a morning snack. The pair ordered five things, a sandwich, a coffee, a hot chocolate, a muffin and a bottle of water. He went to pay for his order with a twenty dollar note and was informed it wasn't enough... in fact it wasn't even close. 

Shockingly the total of his order was more than $30 dollars. 

Since when did morning tea in the lucky country cost so much?

Living in Australia has provided so much opportunity for our founder and his family and paying $4.50 for a coffee or $9.00 for a sandwich made him acknowledge that inflated prices were turning every day pleasures into outright luxuries. To him it was an indication that life in the lucky country wasn't so fortunate for anymore. 

Things need to change.

It was through this realisation that YourFix was born. A cafe concept for the people. A simple concept focused on fairness, prioritising freshness and most importantly where everything is $2.75. 

Today we see YourFix response to the world where prices for simple everyday things are rising out of control. 

We promise fixed, fresh and fair prices on the best brands and products in all our cafes. Now and always.

To us YourFix is a ripple and we know ripples have the potential to create wave. If you like our thinking, you will love our coffee. Come and see for yourself. 

We look forward to seeing you soon. 


YourFix Cafe is scheduled to open at Stockland Merrylands on Monday, 10 July 2017. 

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