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Behind each of your favourite stores are passionate, hardworking people who welcome you to take part in their story, every time you walk in. Here, we introduce you to the faces behind some of your favourite Stockland retailers. Learn about the history of their business, the products and services they offer and what they love about their local community.

Meet Suzie from Cincotta Chemist

  1. Tell us about your store? 
    We are a community retail pharmacy, part of the Cincotta Discount Chemist Franchise. 

  2. What products, services or experiences do you offer? 
    We offer a diverse range of products in Vitamins (Blackmores, Swisse, Cenovis, Nature’s Own, Nature’s Way, Ethical Nutrient, NutraLife, Bioglan, Carusos, Isowhey, Optifast, practitioner only Bioceuticals and more), Medications (Codral, Bisolvon, Nyal, Demazin, Duro-tuss, Dimetapp, Betadine and more), Baby (Avent, Pigeon, Babylove, Huggies, Gaia, Johnson and Johnson’s QV Baby), Home Independence (Toilet Aids, Walkers, Walking sticks), Cosmetics (Maybelline, Loreal, Designer Brands, Mode, Nude by Nature, Thin Lizzy), Fragrance (Chanel, Burberry, Armani, Rodrigo Narciso, Dolce & Gabana, Mar Jacobs, Coach, Hugo Boss and more) Skin (Moogoo, Dr Lewin, Skin Doctors, Trilogy, Akin, QV, Redwin, Vaseline and more), Personal Hygiene (Colgate, Oral B, Jack n Jill, Palmolive, Dove, Libra, Kotex, Tena, Depend, Poise and more, groceries (Fluffy, Fab, Morning Fresh, Cuddly, Napisan and more), seasonal gift hampers, gift items (toys), at home Drug/Alcohol Testing products and so much more.

  3. What are some of the services you offer? 
    Medication reviews, Webster packing, Seasonal Flu Clinic Blood pressure checks, Diabetes Machine checks, NDSS purchases, Home Deliveries.

  4. What do you love about your store? 
    They love the diversity of products, everyday low prices and event sales.

  5. What feedback to you get from your customers? 
    We often get customers saying we offer fast and great service, and have friendly approachable staff.

  6. What are some common customer questions you get? 
    How long have we been in the centre? Do you have this ‘overseas’ product? 

  7. What are some unusual customer questions you get? 
    Oversees products

  8. What drives you and the team to success? 
    Our love for health and beauty. We are committed to providing our customers with quality service, experience, and price. My team works hard to keep up to date with product/health knowledge, our store looking clean and tidy, our shelves filled up and our promotions up to date for customers to have a better in-store experience. 

  9. What do you love about our local community? 
    Mostly that we have hard working, diverse and family-oriented community. 

  10. With regard to your store type, what are customers wanting right now? 
    COVID19 prevention products (sanitisers, disinfectants, gloves, and vitamins).

  11. With regard to your store type, what new trends are you seeing? 
    Make your own sanitisers, immune boosting vitamins and an interest in fragrance and beauty. 

  12. With regard to your store type, what advice would you have for other retailers? 
    Come and have a look at our store, with a 10% centre discount offered to those who work in the centre on non-promotional/discountable items.

  13. What did you wish customers know before they visited your store? 
    During these challenging times, our store is cleaned periodically for the safety of everyone. We ask that if you are presenting COVID19 symptoms to stay home and if local, to use our delivery service. We have staff at the door looking after traffic and providing you with the opportunity to sanitise your hands upon entry. We always have numerous instore promotions on a range of products in addition to our monthly franchise catalogue. 

  14. What are some must-have items, services or experiences right now? 
    For prescriptions needs MedAdvisor App is a must download for customers to be able to pre-order their medications if they keep their scripts in-store. We are currently settling up our ePrescription service; this will allow customers to present a token sent to them via sms/email instead of a physical prescription. We are also offering next day deliveries for who prefer not to or cannot visit the store. 
    Must have items; Chanel fragrances and Medi Sanitiser.

  15. Why do you think shopping centres are important? 
    Because they provide convenience and certain level of economic competition which is always good for the customer.

  16. What is your current role and main responsibilities? 
    As the Retail Supervisor my role includes but is not limited to coordination of store merchandising, coordination of staff and duties, and helping with the coordination of staff instore training.

  17. What do you love most about your job? 
    The fast pace of retail makes it challenging and also fun. I love that I get to help customers fulfil their medication and/or retail needs and that I am able to be part of a hard-working team of diverse individuals.

  18. What motivates you? 
    My family, and my interest for health 

  19. What makes a great Pharmacy? 
    What makes a great pharmacy is staying current and informed. Keeping up with retail trends and pharmacy programs/services with the best interest for both customer and business. 

  20. What is your most memorable moment in your store? 
    Halloween last year- loved the reactions of our customers and their children when they saw our staff dressed up and offered free candy.

  21. What’s three words that describe you? 
    Optimistic, driven and approachable 

  22. What’s three words that describe your store? 
    Diverse, competitive and clean

  23. What are some of your favourite stores in your Stockland centre?  
    JB, Kmart, Big W, Sergio’s Cake Shop

  24. How have you coped with COVID-19 and what are you looking forward to? 
    We have coped by social isolation and working safely. 

Visit the store today for 20% off Cenovis Nature's Own Ostelin, 20% off Skin Doctors, Trilogy, Skin, Dr Lewins, Loreal and Nivea and up to 50% off fragrances (terms and conditions apply)

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