Community Initiative

Stockland's Community Partnerships are collaborations with many not for profit and community focused organisations, to promote positive health & wellbeing, develop lifelong learning & prosperity and a sense of belonging & vitality within our local communities.

Stockland Community Partnerships focuses its support across a variety of key community concerns and reaching across all local communities in which we serve.

For more information on each of these scroll below or click here to visit a listing of our key partnerships.

Australian Red Cross

Stockland supports Red Cross disaster relief appeals through our Workplace Giving program and the Blood Service through promotion of blood drives. Our retail centres also support food security programs such as Good Start Breakfast Clubs and nutritional education programs such as Food Cents in communities in where we operate, to increase the health and well-being of children and their parents in our communities.

Click here to learn more about the Australian Red Cross.

Happier Children

Touched By Olivia Foundation help us to deliver inclusive playgrounds in Stockland communities and shopping centres. Stockland are proud to be working with Touched By Olivia to help all children lead healthier and happier lives and enjoy interacting together through inclusive play spaces at our centres.

To learn more about the great work Touched By Olivia Foundation does, visit

Helping our Retailers

We're working with Westpac's Davidson Institute to deliver online financial literacy and business skills training to our retailers. Davidson Institute's vision is to help all Australians make more confident financial decisions and we want to give our retailers this knowledge to help them achieve their financial goals.

To learn more about the Davidson Institute visit

Incubating Local Creative Enterprises

We have teamed up with Renew Australia to create Stockland Spaces, a pilot initiative to incubate new artistic and creative projects in long term vacant spaces within selected Stockland Shopping  Centres in Victoria and NSW.  

To learn more about the Stockland Spaces project visit

Jamie's Ministry of Food

Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia is about getting people cooking again by teaching them the basics; how to cook, how to shop and how to enjoy food in a way that benefits not only individuals, but also their families. Jamie's Ministry for Food will open their first kitchen in NSW at Stockland Wetherill Park in mid-2014 and will work together to teach local communities around the country to enjoy cooking healthy, nutritious meals.

To learn more about Jamie's Ministry of Food visit

Local Employment Programs

Mission Australia deliver employment services to local, disadvantaged job seekers, matching them to employment opportunities on Stockland developments. Each Stockland development will work with Mission Australia, their local training institutions and a variety of community stakeholders to connect to our builders, contractors and centre retailers to provide employment and training opportunities to local job seekers through the construction phase of redevelopment works and for new retail offer upon completion.

To learn more about Mission Australia visit

Stockland Inspirations - Work Experience

Brokers network to offer Stockland Inspirations, a structured work experience program showcasing the skills and employment opportunities in the world of property and retail.  The program is based on the principle that education and training for young people is a collective responsibility. Stockland are working to ensure as many young Australians attain year twelve or equivalent qualifications and are job ready when entering the workforce.

Click here to learn more about the program and Smith Family School-Business-Community partnership or contact us to find out how your school can be involved.

Stockland Uncovered - Beacon Foundation

Beacon Foundation foster ongoing relationships between Stockland centres and local Beacon schools. Stockland employees and local students participate in Stockland Uncovered, a specifically designed program delivered in our centres that showcases career opportunities within the property and retail industries and ongoing workshop throughout the year that build confidence and aspiration for Year 10 students to continue learning.

To find out more about Beacon Foundation visit

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