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The ultimate holiday planning at Stockland Piccadilly


Preparing to go away on holidays can often be stressful. Which is ironic, because you generally go on vacation to de-stress! Often, when you’re excited about an upcoming trip, important travel essentials can skip your mind. Which is where a well-organised holiday packing checklist and a visit to Stockland Stockland Piccadilly comes in. 

If you’re heading away from home, there’s likely plenty of things to get in order; and lots of little things to think about. From packing the bags, ensuring you have enough snack food, and getting a haircut, to cleaning the house, visiting the doctor and picking up your important travel documents. No matter what your holiday packing checklist looks like, you can find all your travel necessities at your local Stockland Shopping Centre. 

Do yourself a favour and avoid the pre-holiday stress by heading in to Stockland Piccadilly to tackle your holiday packing checklist and pick up all the supplies you’ll need for an absolutely perfect, stress-free (and much-needed) holiday. 

Treat Yourself To A Little Pampering 
Beauty Treatments

There’s nothing better than a little TLC before you head off on holidays. Vacation is supposed to be when you pamper yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good whilst doing it! Head in to Kamils Hairdressing for a quick cut and colour so your tresses are looking fresh and a visit to Evolution Laser Clinic or Shashi Beauty Salon for a facial will have your skin glowing and revived so no makeup is required (perfect if you’re travelling to a tropical location). Finally, a manicure from Malibu Nails will ensure you are looking polished and sophisticated for the duration of your getaway. Now that all the beauty prep is done, it’s time to grab a margarita and relax! 

Organise Snacks 
Man and Woman eating on a car

If you’re heading on a long road-trip, you’ll need a great selection of snacks to help pass the time and satisfy those hunger cravings. Of course, classic car snacks include healthy fruit and veggies but also potato chips and lollies, so make sure you pick up some from City Essentials or Treats from Home

Visit Your Travel Agent & Pick-up Important Documents 
Diary, Phone, Hate & Camera

Finally, and probably most importantly, you’ll need to visit your travel agent and pick up any important documents before you set off on your well-deserved vacation. After all, you won’t be going anywhere if you don’t have your flight documents, travel insurance papers, relevant visas, tour bookings, accommodation info and of course, your passport! If you’re looking to add a little extracurricular activity to your getaway in beautiful India, visit the team at India Tourism Sydney who are the experts when it comes to travel. They can take the stress out of all your bookings so you can finally sit back and relax. 

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