Satisfy your lunch cravings at Salad Works located on Level 1 Food Court. 

Lunch time items include: 

  • Beef Protein Salad (spinach leaf base) $10.00 sm | $11.00 med | $11.50 lrg

Teriyaki hot beef, carrots, Spanish onion, sunflower seeds, corn, mushroom, kidney beans, semi sun dried tomatoes. Dressing balsamic vinaigrette or Thailand

  • Signature Salad Mixed leaf base $9.50 sm | $10.00 med | $11.00 lrg

Steamed chicken breast, sweet potato, eggplant, Spanish onion, corn, sultanas, sliced almonds, green peas. Dressing balsamic vinaigrette or raspberry.

  • Thai Chicken mixed leaf base $10.00 sm | $11.00 med | $11.50 lrg

Hot Thai chicken, carrots, cucumber, tomato, Spanish onion, sliced almonds, red capsicum. Dressing balsamic vinaigrette or Thailand

  • Teriyaki Beef spinach leaf base $10.00 sml | $11.00 med | $1.50 lrg 

Hot teriyaki beef, carrots, cucumber, green peas, tomato, crunchy Asian noodles, bean shoots. Dressing balsamic vinaigrette or Thailand

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Start Date: 30 Aug 2019
End Date: 31 Dec 2019
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Prices may vary, extra items can incur additional charge. extra for drinks and combos. See in-store for full menu options.

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