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A baker’s guide to making ‘posh’ sandwiches

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The ultimate guide to creating ‘posh’ gourmet sandwiches for your summer picnic, with help from your local baker.   

Have you ever walked around your community early in the morning and smelt the aroma of freshly-baked bread wafting from your local bakery? It’s enough to make our tummies rumble just thinking about it! And while the humble sandwich is often overlooked as a delicious and filling meal option, if you simply add some ‘posh’ gourmet fillings between two pieces of toasty bread, you’ll wonder why you left them out of the lunch menu line-up!  


From crunchy baguettes to sweet fruit loaves, these are some of the top recommendations from your local Bakers Delight Point Cook baker.  

Morning Munching 


Bakers rise in the wee hours of the morning to fire up the ovens and serve you only the freshest of loaves, so you can start your day right with a delicious brekkie sandwich. Take cues from the French with a croque madame on a thick brioche or country bread, spreading butter liberally on each slice. Try the classic combination of ham and cheese in a delightfully flaky croissant, that even works well with brie and spinach, too. Plus, it might be renowned as the breakfast on-the-go, but you can level-up a seasoned bagel with a fried egg in the hole. Tasty! 

Picnic In The Park 

Fruit and cheese are already a well-loved pair on a picnic platter, so it should come as no surprise that fruit bread and cheese is just as delicious. Take a freshly toasted fruit loaf and spread it with goat’s cheese or gruyere for a sweet surprise. And, when it comes to your favourite finger sandwiches, less is more – you can’t go wrong with some soft and fluffy white bread (crust off, of course). For the filling, keep it classic with cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese, or egg and lettuce. Top tip: when you’re packing the sandwiches, add a damp (not wet) towel to the lunchbox to keep the fillings fresher for longer.   

Long Family Lunch At Home 

For the most part, if it can go in a salad, it can go in a sandwich. Sourdough pairs beautifully with your favourite salads, especially those drizzled in olive oil. Try it with gorgonzola, pear and walnut, or a chicken Caesar sandwich. There’s also nothing quite as satisfying as having two hands around a crunchy baguette or a pressed panini for lunch. Don’t be shy with the butter and use a natural wooden butter knife to avoid tearing the bread when spreading. Always put grated cheese on after the condiment so it sticks to the bread and won’t fall out when eating. And, when adding lettuce, make sure to dry it with a paper towel so your bread or roll won’t become soggy.  

Feed The Little Ones 


Whether your child is a picky eater or always on the prowl for their next snack, vary the bread if you can’t vary the filling. From seeded to rye, grain and corn breads, it’s the easiest way to boost your little one’s wholegrain intake while also switching up the taste. You can also use the bread to help them try new flavours – chopped olives or capers are nothing to fear with the familiar taste of a fresh loaf.   

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