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Gracie's Boutique loves connecting local businesses with their customers! That's why Gracie's stock a range of wood work by Jock, a local woodwork enthusiast.

We asked our local pen maker, Jock to share a little about himself & here is what he has to say:
Jock’s love for exotic timbers came as a teenager, visiting his Grandparents, ‘Georgian’ house in London which was crammed with highly waxed antique furniture. The beautiful aroma of bees wax and Johnson’s furniture polish remains with him today. Having been schooled in the English system where a student goes through four phases of writing skills i.e. slate board, pencil, pen and inkwell finally being allowed to use a fountain pen in his final years at high school, he has maintained his fondness for quality writing implements to this day.

After a 35 year career in the military (3 years British Army, 6 years Australian Army and 26 years Royal Australian Air Force retiring with the rank of Squadron Leader) he then joined the Supreme Court of Victoria as a Judge’s PA. During his time at court he noticed that many of the “Old School” Queens’ Council (QC) used fountain pens and was delighted to see that this writing style was still in existence.

Upon retiring from the workforce he took up wood turning as a hobby and found that there is quite a challenge and great satisfaction in producing hand turned/crafted pens in exotic woods. Sourcing fine timber (Jock only uses sustainable or recycled Australian wood) is in itself a challenge as there are many laws prohibiting felling of ‘old growth’ forests (the best exotic wood) and small hobbyists have to compete with the large antique furniture restoration companies for recycled wood etc. and of course other handcraft cottage industries need their supplies as well.

In the last few years Jock has found a few suppliers that will put aside small parcels of timber for his hobby as well as discovering a small Victorian company that produces old style natural oils and waxes specifically for wood. Now he can recall the aromas of Grandma’s front room once again.

In today’s world of massed produced everything and with the advent of 3D printers Jock is keen to promote the finer arts and collectables of a by-gone era and the hand skills that are now sadly disappearing. He hopes your purchase of one of his pens from ‘Gracie’s Boutique’ gives you as much pleasure as he gets from crafting them.

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