Mums of Point Cook

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we wanted to get to know some of the awesome mums who work at our centre. We asked 14 mums to share their stories with us & now we’ll be sharing them with you.

We caught up with Carmelina from Rockmans, who is a mum of two.

What’s the best gift you’ve received for Mother’s Day? :
I’m still hoping for it! A day off without the children. I haven’t received this yet. (Carmelina’s family, if you’re reading this….hint, hint!)
What has surprised you about motherhood? :
How hard it is. The hard work & the 24 hours nonstop. Very worth it though, especially on the happy times.
Golden piece of mothering advice? :
Take a deep breath every once in a while.
What is you biggest hope for your kids?:
To be happy in whatever they do.
Who’s a mum that you admire? :
My own darling mother; fabulous advice, very calming & lots of guidance without being pushy.

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