Mums of Point Cook

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we wanted to get to know some of the awesome mums who work at our centre. We asked 14 mums to share their stories with us & now we’ll be sharing them with you.

We caught up with Tari from Boost, who is a mum of two.

What’s the best gift you’ve received for Mother’s Day? :
It would be my first child, my son. I had him on Mother’s Day. He was my best Mother’s Day gift.
What has surprised you about motherhood? :
It doesn’t stop. Regardless of what happens in your life, you’re still running around doing (mum) stuff.
Best piece of mothering advice? :
Stay calm, stay focussed & always be patient.
Who’s a mum that you admire? :
That would be my mum, raising 5 kids by herself for 10 years. She would be my inspiration for priorities & how she’s done things as a parent. How she raised us to believe certain things.
What is you biggest hope for your kids?:
Be happy, healthy & respectful.

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