Mums of Point Cook

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we wanted to get to know some of the awesome mums who work at our centre. We asked 14 mums to share their stories with us & now we’ll be sharing them with you.

We caught up with Luciana from Telstra, who is a mum of two boys.

What’s the best gift you’ve received for Mother’s Day? :
I don’t have only one, I have many. Every mother’s day I receive a letter from my kids & handmade cards. I really appreciate the time & I can see their love in it. It’s really encouraging.
What has surprised you about being a mum? :
I think it’s the most rewarding career. It’s also challenging because I think I’ve never learned enough but I love to learn. I think I’m growing with my kids, not only the physical sense but in the maturity. I’m learning more about motherhood. To try to be the best mum I can, so it’s very challenging but I really enjoy it. I think it’s the best gift I could ever have.
Best piece of mothering advice you’ve been given? :
I remember when I was coming to Australia. I wasn’t sure if the decision of separating my kids from all the things that they’ve ever known. They grew up in my home city so separating them from family, friends & culture. I was afraid it wouldn’t be a good decision. So I was a little bit scared & a friend of mine, he told me, ‘don’t be worried because your kids will have their roots under your feet so as long as they feel the love & security you can offer as a mum they will be fine. Doesn’t matter which place you live in as long as they have you & they have the sense of belonging to you, they will be happy’.
Who’s a mum that you admire? :
My own mum. I think the thing that I admire from her the most is (her) resilience. She is the one who taught me, not only about my faith, but how important it is to be strong & courageous, to take on board new challenges & to love this life. I really appreciate that she was always there for me. She is the person I admire the most.
What is you biggest hope for your kids?:
I wish for them to grow up happy. If they can try to be a strong person, not only strong men but people of good courage. I hope they are not afraid to explore & to take the challenges of new adventures. But also seeking wisdom on the way & try to be compassionate as well which I think is important to get the balance.

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