Mums of Point Cook

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we wanted to get to know some of the awesome mums who work at our centre. We asked 14 mums to share their stories with us & now we’ll be sharing them with you.

We caught up with Hema from Century 21, mother to one son.

What’s the best gift you’ve received for Mother’s Day? :
My first Mother’s Day was very memorable for me. I had my grandmother & my mother to celebrate with me. That was a very meaningful celebration for me because it was three generations. My grandmother had 10 kids & she went through a lot of challenges in her life. When she was talking to me how she mothered & raised all of them & they were so well to do & they’re really nice people. She used to tell me all the hurdles she had back then. Becoming a mother you realise what potential you have, what you can do. When it was just myself, life was very different, but when you become a mother, it’s just amazing. And when I celebrated my first mother’s day with all of them it just made me overwhelmed. That was something that I’ll always treasure. Having all of them together with me & giving me all the confidence. That’s something I can never forget.
What has surprised you about being a mum? :
That you’re willing to go to any extent for that little soul that you’ve known for a very short period in your life. It’s amazing when your child shows that much affection to you. It’s normal for you to sacrifice a lot of things for your child but to get that love back in abundance from him just makes you feel that love is everything. Sometimes when I go home stressed my child asks me: ‘are you happy today? How was your day?’ He’s just a little boy. Now I don’t expect that from him but when he notices that I’m stressed or upset he comes back & he asks me: ‘are you sad? Are you happy? What can I do to make you happy?’ And sometimes when I think he’s asleep he comes & whispers softly: ‘I love you’ & he just gives me a kiss. Those sort of things just melt you, they make your life worth living.
Best piece of mothering advice you’ve been given? :
When I came here, the only piece of advice that my parents gave me was; no matter what happens, make sure that you put your child as your first priority, because a child is God’s gift. Not everyone is gifted to have a child so make sure you put him as your first priority. That’s how I was raised. I came from a family of two, I have a brother. The way my parents brought me up they always put us as a first priority no matter what. We didn’t have the luxury in life but my parents would make sure that they spent good time with us & those little things that they did for us, cared so much you. Although they didn’t (always) have that time, they’d take that extra effort to spend the time with us, that really made a lot of difference. And I believe that’s important to bring up a child well, so in future he will become a good person & he will carry that forward to his generation.
What is you biggest hope for your son?:
I hope that he will grow up to be a good human being with good values. That’s what I really want him to be, a person with good values who contributes to society, to the world. Not someone who is so focussed on earning money & forget the moral way of living. I hope he can teach those values to his generation so we’ll have a better community.
Who’s a mum that you admire? :
I have met a lot mothers throughout my entire journey, but the one very dear to me is my mother. She has sacrificed everything for me & my brother & she always makes sure that The way she lived her life is that she just sacrificed everything for the benefit of us. She made sure when we were back from school that there was hot food on the table & we are taken care of. She’s there to teach us & guide us, she did everything for us. When I’m lost, when I’m upset, she’s always there to guide me & take that burden off, to sort of give you an extra light. She made it a point that we are her world & I can never repay that. If I didn’t have that support & guidance I could be lost anywhere. I am who I am because of her.

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