Award Finalists

Finalists for the Wyndham Business Awards were recently announced. We at Stockland Point Cook were proud to see several of our retailers be named as finalists.
We sat down with Duncan from Mail Boxes Etc, who has owned the business for 5 years & found out more about what makes his business stand out.
As you know growth equals survival so the fact that we are here five years later shows that we have been successful in what we have been doing.

What inspired you to go into business?
So I worked in the corporate world for about 20 years in a business development role. I thought if I could be doing this for a corporate, developing business for them why can’t I do something like that for myself & my family. So that was the first motivation & then from there it was about providing job opportunities. I’m particularly passionate about providing employment opportunities for the younger generation, so all of our staff are in their twenties or early thirties. I’m genuinely passionate about creating as many employment opportunities as I can & we now employ about 4 people in that age group, all from the local Wyndham community.

What area of your business are you most proud of?
I would say the people side of it, both the staff & the customers. The relationships we’ve been able to build, all the way from the delivery driver, who knows us by name, to almost 95% of our customers who walk through that door. We can greet them by their first name & that’s not just with me, that’s with my staff. That part of the business, that people relationship, is what I’m most proud of.

What does this nomination for the Wyndham Business Awards mean to you?
It’s validation & recognition that local Wyndham residents can create business opportunities, employment opportunities & obviously where we have a vision & a determination we can make that happen.

What do you want your business to be known for?
I’d go back to that interpersonal relations, what we would like our customers to remember when they walk out this door is the personal service we provide & to build enduring relationships. That’s what we would like to be remembered for.

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