Dads of Point Cook: Ken

In the lead up to Father’s Day, we wanted to get to know some of the awesome dads who work at our centre. We asked 14 dads to share their stories with us & now we’re sharing them with you.

We caught up with Ken from Cocochine, Dad of 4.

What’s the best Father’s Day gift that you have received?:
Tickets to King Kong the musical. My wife & I, we’ve never been to an opera or musical, we’re just not interested in that type of thing. When I was young, mum used to take me to this Chinese opera, bored me to death! So I said no more musicals, no more opera.
So when we got (to the theatre) I said to my wife; I bet we’re going to fall asleep in the middle of it, (she says) ‘no you have to stay awake because they’re gonna ask you whether you enjoy it. You need to tell them the story.’ Ah alright I’ll make an effort. But surprise, surprise we enjoyed it. We stayed awake the whole show & we enjoyed it. And my daughter, she’s very sceptical about my answers she said “dad tell us the truth, did you really enjoy it?’ And I say yes I did. You introduced us to the world of musicals.

What has surprised you about being a dad?
The joy of seeing them turn out to be like them. A friend I haven’t seen in forty years, now he’s a grandpa & he asked me ‘what did you achieve after 40 years?’ And I said my biggest joy, my biggest success is my family, the kids. I’m very proud, they turned out good.

What’s your biggest hope for your kids?
For them to be happy. Both me & my wife we never put pressure on them. We always asked them what they want & they go for it. If that’s what you want, you go for it. Now that they’ve all graduated, all finished uni, got their jobs. So what I’m hoping now is that they have a happy life, that’s all I can hope for.

Who’s a dad that you admire?
My father in law. He had eight kids, more than twenty grandchildren & finally he got his first great grandchild. I admire him for the fact that he’s very honest. Because of that, he doesn’t judge people. I really admire him for that. Secondly, I admire him (being a grandfather) for the fact that I really am longing for my first grandchild. One day it will come.

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