Dads of Point Cook: Tui

In the lead up to Father’s Day, we wanted to get to know some of the awesome dads who work at our centre. We asked 14 dads to share their stories with us & now we’re sharing them with you.

 We caught up with Tui from Grindstone, dad of 1.

What’s the best Father’s Day gift that you have received?:

The best gift that she gave me was to have her in my life. Every day is a good day with her.

What has surprised you about being a dad?

Before, when my wife was pregnant, I was hoping it was a boy. But the day she was born was the best day ever.

What’s your biggest hope for your daughter?

That she grows up & is a good girl. That she gets everything she wants. Hopefully she’ll not get in trouble.

The best piece of parenting advice that you’ve received?

A lot of friends, they have kids, so there’s a lot of encouragement from them. They say having a kid in your life is the best thing ever. They’re right, it slows me down a bit, makes me more mature.

Do you have a good Dad joke?

I don’t know any, my jokes are not that funny.

Who’s a dad that you admire?

My dad & my father in law.

My father in law, I stayed with them for 4 years. When he’s angry, he won’t talk to anyone, he’ll just do his own thing, but won’t take it out on anyone. He does everything around the house, in island families you’re supposed to do everything for the parents, but her parents are the opposite. He really serves his family.

My dad was well known back on the island, he’s a humble person & everyone knows it. He loves everyone, he’s giving. There need to be more people like that.

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