Wyndham Business Awards: Telstra

Finalists for the Wyndham Business Awards were recently announced.

We at Stockland Point Cook were proud to see several of our retailers be named as finalists, including Telstra Point Cook.

We caught up with the Ryan, the store leader.

How did you come to work for Telstra?

It was 2010 when I first started with Telstra, prior to this I was with McDonalds for 10 years, from crew all the way up to restaurant manager. It was very good training & I did that whilst I was at uni. I finished up with an IT degree, I always had a thirst for technology & IT, I really love gadgets. I’m the type of person who wanted a new gadget every day. When I finished uni I realized I couldn’t see myself in front  of a computer all day, I’m more of a people person. I like to be out there & what better way to do it then in sales. My old boss at McDonalds used to say that I could sell ice to the Eskimos. It’s just interacting with people that pushed me into working for Telstra.

What area of this business are you the most proud of?

There’s a lot of things I’m really proud of, something that I push every day is the culture. We’ve done a lot of work in regards to the culture & we’re really reaping the benefits now. Staff satisfaction’s high, turnover’s low & people genuinely want to come to work & that’s something I’m quite proud of. It’s something I promote during the interview process as well. It makes our jobs easier. People come into work happy & really excited to work. Makes everything a lot easier & it flows through to customers. With that culture comes a family, we always call each other ‘fam’ within the store. We spend 8 hours a day awake with each other but it’s never a dull moment. The culture behind the actual store supports everything that we do. It’s a great work place environment to be in.

What does this nomination mean to you & the team?

The nomination is entirely about the team, it’s not just the store but the whole Telstra Business Centre. If you look at the caliber of people & other businesses who are nominated it is quite humbling but gratifying because of the stuff that we’ve done & worked towards. We genuinely want to be the local Telstra store. We want to be known as the guys who put you in the middle of what we do. Purely because we’re being recognized by the community to be an excellent retails store it’s something you don’t get every day. Telco’s not the easiest thing to deal with, there’s a lot of good & bad publicity, but when someone from your local community has actually recognized the work that you’ve done it makes everything worthwhile. Without the people that work with us to make things happen we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

We’re passionate about our people & we’re passionate about the people that walk into our stores.  

One thing that we firmly believe is that we always want to put ourselves in the customers shoes. One of the things I say to our store team is would you say that to your mother? Is that how you would treat them? Because at the end of the day we’re a local business, I live locally, the owner lives locally, we never want to walk down the street & people say oh they’re the guys who ripped us off. Customers do become you friends & they know how long you’ve been with the business as well. There is no hiding from it. We like to make sure we do the right thing, our people genuinely want to help. which is the most important thing for us.

What would you like Telstra Point Cook to be famous for?

I thought I already made them famous being the store leader! Exactly what I’ve just been saying, we’re the local people that you can trust & we’re genuine about what we do as well. There’s no tricks that we have up our sleeves. We just want to be famous for working hard, being genuine, being trusted that we can assist in any way that we can whether it be for your personal services or your business we’ve literally got you covered. That’s our mantra, living by our values & making sure the customers feel the same way about us.

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