Solar Compactor Bins

32 New Solar Compactor Bins have hit Werribee and Point Cook CBD! These smart bins have solar panels on top, which automatically crush the rubbish inside, allowing them to hold up to 600 litres of rubbish – five times the capacity of Wyndham’s current street bins. They also have sensors which will notify Council staff when they are nearing full and need to be emptied. This creates an environmental benefit because it means they can be emptied 80 per cent less often. Less trips by garbage trucks means cost savings and less pollution in our local environment.

If you don’t wish to use the handle, push the foot pedal at the bottom to open the chute instead. Common items for the yellow recycling bin include – pizza boxes, hard plastic bottles and containers, cans and glass bottles. While takeaway coffee cups, food, wrappers and plastic bags should be placed in the garbage bins.

50 new stainless steel dual bins have also been placed across the municipality. Helping to provide a unified look across our streets and consistent public recycling messaging. Both these bins provide a significant increase in public recycling services helping to reduce Wyndham’s waste to landfill, and setting up our city for the future!

Also here is our new recycle right link

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