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An organic lifestyle and diet has never been as prevalent as it is today, with families preferring to serve their meals with organic protein and vegetables; mum's favouring natural beauty products. Bringing you the freshest in organic fruits and vegetables as well as beauty and lifestyle products. 

Name: Payam Jafary and Venus Keramati 
Store: Alma Organic 
Store location: Located opposite Kate's Cake Creations in the Coles Mall.

Tell us a bit about you and your store: 
We are a health food store in Point Cook Town Center, proudly offering a wide range of organic produce. Our shelves are stocked with Certified Organic fresh fruit and vegetables, Organic meats and eggs, wholegrain breads and cereals, gluten-free and dairy-free products, bulk spices and seeds, and products that our customers are always surprised to find in store -environmentally friendly skin care, cleaning products and baby goods. 

How did you get started? What inspired you to open a store? 
Payam and I have always lived an extremely healthy lifestyle, using organic fruit and vegetables in meals for our families at home. Soon our passion become our business as we wanted to share our knowledge on clean living and eating and the benfitis of that. We started in 2012 and our shop at Stockland Point Cook was half size of our current one. Our customers have inspired us over time to stock more variety and include more lifestyle products, not just food related products. 

What is your favourite product in your store and why? 
Everything found in the organic grocery section – besides this being the reason behind creative Alma Organics, our organic fresh fruits and veggies have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts and people with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods.

What is your most recommended product for some new to organic products? 
Paleo products and breads are the latest fad within the organic/ vegan lifestyle – paleo bread in particular has become the Holy Grail of all bread as It is unlike any other bread on the market and is gluten free, grain free, yeast free, dairy free, soy free, low calorie, high in protein, fibre, and low in carbohydrates.  This bread is ideal for anyone looking to maintain or lose weight, on the Paleo and just about any other type of diet. 
Natural make-up and cosmetic beauty products are also becoming more and more popular as women are more conscious  and educated of what they’re putting on their skin, where it has come from and how it was made. 

If you would like to discuss clean lifestyle and eating, speak to a Professional at Alma Organics today. 

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