Retailer Stories: Cold Rock

You visit Stockland Point Cook and shop at the stores, but do you know the people behind these stores and who brought them to life? Read their stories here. 

Retailer: Cold Rock Point Cook

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? 

Zeze and the team at Cold Rock Point Cook know a thing or two about the best mixers to put with the best ice-cream flavours. 
Keep reading to hear Zeze's story on owning one of the most delicious shops at Stockland Point Cook.

Tell us about your store?

The Cold Rock Point Cook ice creamery experience is about fun, so we let you pick your favourite combination of Ice cream and Mixins, which we then create for you on our unique ‘Cold Rock’ right in front of you. We are not just any ice cream shop we are the coolest place to get treats for your sweet tooth. 

What products, services or experiences do you offer?

Our store in Point Cook has a wide range of premium ice-cream, low-fat ice-cream, gelato and sorbet flavours (dairy free) to choose from. These, combined with the wonderful delights to mix in, provide you with over 3000 different flavour combinations to choose from. We offer Gummy bears, KitKats, Flakes, Brownies, Freddo Frogs, Maltesers, M&Ms and more - take your pick! Other ice-cream choices just got boring! Your Choices are not just limited to ice-cream in a cup, you can take your delicious combinations home in a take home pack, or mix them up in a cake to celebrate your occasion. From birthdays to weekend get togethers, our cakes are the cherry on top of your celebration. You can order up to three layers of ice-cream and select your favourite mix in's for additional bites and bursts of sugary goodness!

What do you love about your store? 

We have a great and friendly customer service, we have worked over the pandemic time to refresh our store and we were open for take away and delivery. We are almost finished refreshing our store with a great new ambiance and it is already looking fresh and welcoming. 

What feedback to you get from your customers? 

A great review we received was "Cold Rock Point Cook is a nice place to hang out and to have ice cream on both sunny and rainy days. This ice cream shop is highly recommended as it is spatial and seats almost 30. Our service is fantastic and their ice cream flavours are a must try!" Can we reword this? Or take it out? It sounds like they have written it.

What are some common customer questions you get? 

Usually customers ask “What are the the popular combination? So we have included our popular combos and displayed them on canvas so our customers can choose from the popular combos. We also make loads of banana splits, sundaes and Hot Rock Fantasy for our customers.

What drives you and the team to success? 

We treat our team members as a family, they love working in the store and they are loyal to the shop and our customers. Our work environment is fun and our team members enjoy working at the store, especially with our new state-of-the-art lighting which changes to 16 different colours!
What’s three words that describes your store?

Affordable, unique and delicious. 

How have you coped with COVID-19 and what are you looking forward to?

We wanted to be open for business and be able to provide the best service we can to our loyal customers. Also, by keeping open we managed to keep our workers in the business. We constantly wash our hands, follow hygiene protocol and schedules to make sure our customers and our staff are in a safe workplace.

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