Retailer Stories: Baby Presents

You visit Stockland Point Cook and shop at the stores there, but do you know the people behind these stores and who brought them to life? Read their stories here. 

Retailer: Baby Presents 
Baby Presents is here to provide customers with perfect special occasian baby gifts but we want to know more about the Baby Gift Whisper herself - Amanda. 
Read on to hear Amanda's story.

Tell us about your store? 
Baby Presents is a family run Melbourne based business that is dedicated to helping you find the ideal product as well as helping Mum's locate those special and hard-to-find products. Shopping with us supports not only my family but the many other small business owners who we stock, including Alimrose Designs, All4Ella, Baby Confetti and more! 

What products, services or experiences do you offer? 
We specialise in stocking brands for ages 0-3, offering it all for your loving little one, including clothing, shoes, hats, sunglasses, teething products, hair accessories, dinnerware, toys, and more. With a passion for supporting Australian made items, I like to showcase many home grown brands that would usually only be accessible online. 

Baby Presents stocks a combination of hard to find and well-known brands, which our customers love to touch and shop for all in one location (rather than buy online and pay for individual shipping). Quality is key when I’m deciding what makes the shelves and only buy good quality products that I would feel proud to gift or use myself. 

What do you love most about your store? 
The bright colours - they make you feel a sense of happiness as soon as you walk through the door. As you swagger through the fun, coloured, polka dot doors of the store, you’re immediately being transformed into a haven of all things little and lovely, it’s hard to know where to start your shopping adventure.

What motivates you?
Coming from a hospitality background of over 10 years before Baby Presents, I had always enjoyed interacting with customers and providing memorable experiences. What I really love about opening the doors each morning is meeting and assisting customers with their gift or personal selections - something you can’t to do online. Parenthood and growing the business has influenced my buying strategies too, and I have an understanding of the types of products that will be of assistance to my customers at different age stages.

What three words best describe your store? 
Friendly, helpful, boutique

What feedback do you get from your customers? 
Because the store is so bright and light and colourful, majority of my customers walk through the door and tell me how beautiful the store is and what an amazing experience it is to visit in person rather than online.


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