Retailer Stories: Cake Creations by Kate

You visit Stockland Point Cook and shop at the stores, but do you know the people behind these stores and who brought them to life? Read their stories here. 

Retailer: Cake Creations by Kate

Kate started her own business in 2016 selling cupcakes she baked in her mothers' kitchen in Point Cook. Three years later, Kate continues to provide customers with her signatuire cupcakes, including Rainbow, Salted Caramel, Triple Chocolate and Jam Donut, plus more flavours and newer products. Meet the young lady making the world brighter... one cupcake at a time.  

Tell us about your store? 
We are a small business, built on a quality product, a whole lot of passion and amazing quality ingredients.
We believe that is the secret to our success, with the local community. 
I started this business, when I was 17, just finishing high school. I found my love for baking, through my mum and grandma. I grew up, always baking homemade treats, and I continued to do so as I got older. I never thought I would make a career out of it, and go on to employee up to 20 local staff, but here we are. In the last 4 years in business, we have grown from baking in my mums kitchen, to opening our very first store in 2017. This was a massive dream of mine, and to do it at 18 was a rollercoaster ride. I continued to work hard, doing pop up stores to fund the store build all by myself. Now, we make all our products, onsite, fresh daily. We make 13 flavours of mini cupcakes, along with 10 flavours of handmade macarons, cakes, cake pops, biscuits and so much more!
What do you love about your store? 
Our store, is all about happiness. When you come to a beautiful looking store, you can’t help but feel instantly happy, I believe. The pink painted walls, makes it feel fun and vibrant. Then, we add all the colour of our cupcakes, cakes and macarons, and it really does ooze happiness. When you look at the store, you can see the vision behind it. We don’t want to blend in with everyone else. We want to be unique and different. I love that this store, gives kids in the neighbourhood, a reason to talk about. It gives them drive, ambition and inspiration to succeed. It shows people in general, you can do anything you put your mind too. I love walking past the store, naturally hearing people talk about how beautiful it is, or how happy and inspired they feel. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, to know you may have made a difference to at least 1 person, by just following your own dreams.
What feedback to you get from your customers? 
We have an amazing community around us, that see the value in small business. We feel so lucky, to have a shop in such a lovely neighbourhood. 
We see some customers every single day. It is so lovely, to see how much our customers appreciate all our hard work. They love that all our products are made on site, so everything is truly customisable. 
If we run out of stock, you bet, our ovens are on and we will be making more fresh little cupcakes. 
We love working with our customers, to be the best we can be. We always ask for feedback, so we can be a brand that represents what people want. We bake for the customer, so everything we do is based of feedback, flavour suggestions on our social media, and preferences instore. 
We love having that close relationship, as it ensures we keep on the ball at all times.
I personally love, waking up on Monday morning, after a massive weekend of baking, to read through all the messages and emails, of gratitude for the cakes and cupcakes we made for events on the weekend. It is so nice to see people travel from far, enjoy our products, and to send us photos and messages of appreciation. It really makes all the hard work, feel worth it.
With regard to your store type, what are customers wanting right now? 
Right now, everyone is all about our mini cakes. 7 weeks ago, we launched a mini cake range, ready made. They are 5 inch wide, which is perfect for 6-8 people. They are an affordable option, so I am so excited to be able to offer something that the people have requested. We love seeing photos, of people gifting them to others as a small little gift. They are perfect for gifting, small birthdays at home, or just to eat on the couch with a spoon, no judgement here.
Why do you think shopping centres are important? 
Shopping centres are so important. It is so special, to have somewhere to go, that really houses everything you need under one roof. We are very lucky, at Point Cook Town Centre. You can find everything you need, from Major brands, to small businesses, offering a wide range of items.
It allows the community to shop local, and for that money to stay local. This provides so many locals, with much needed jobs in our community. 
What do you love most about your job? 
I can pretty much say, I love everything about what I do.
When I feel tired, and think ‘oh I wish I didn’t have to do this right now…’, I think of 100 things that would be much worse. 
It is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life.
I get to wake up every day, create amazing products, interact with customers, continue growing the brand, guest speak at events, and meet like-minded individuals. 
There is so many things I love, but doing events, has to be the greatest. I still spend a lot of time in the kitchen, as that is where my passion lies, but when we do events like our 2nd Birthday party at PCTC, ANZ pop ups stores and so many more, it is just incredible. I love being able to meet everyone face to face, to thank them for their support, and hear their feedback. 
What is your most memorable moment in your store? 
My favourite memory would be, shooting for The Herald Sun. They wanted a shot, of me holding a massive 4 tier cake, while my staff were throwing sprinkles in the air. We had to do this in the front of the store, so everyone was stopping and laughing as I had to try get the perfect shot, while holding a 30kg cake. It was so heavy! Once we got some media exposure, the amount of support we got from the community, was nothing short of amazing. I was so shocked, but it was the greatest feeling to feel so supported, and so appreciated by everyone nearby. I still remember the lines of people waiting for their fresh mini cupcakes in the mornings, it is something I will never forget.
What makes a great cake shop?
For us, it’s all about the quality of the product, and the team behind it. We have an incredible team of staff, that understand the brand vision, and do a fantastic job at portraying that. We aim to make everyone happy, and leave the store with a smile on their face. We are sure, they are even happier once they taste the product too. Customer service, is very important to me, and I want every customer to feel appreciated, as we wouldn’t be in jobs, without them.
How have you coped with COVID-19 and what are you looking forward to? 
We have adapted, and come up with some new products in this hard time. Our goal was to always keep all staff on, no matter what happened. So we knew, we had to act quickly, and work on ways to change and keep everyone busy. We added on a discounted same-day delivery service, as well as dessert packs and smaller cakes. This meant no one had to miss out on a birthday celebration, even if it was just family at home. This was very well received, and kept us ticking along through hard times. 
We made the most of it, and came up with new flavours ideas, and did lots of organising, so we can come back better and stronger than ever, as a team.
I am looking forward to seeing our customers, that usually travel from far, seeing our cake fridge full of massive cakes again, and being a part of special wedding celebrations again.
What are some of your favourite stores in your Stockland centre? 
I always love to shop local, and support local so my favourite 2 would have to be Baby Presents, and Gracie’s Boutique. Small businesses, with unique products, are really the reason why people come to this centre. We need to show them all the support we can, during these tough times, so we can continue to have access to these great stores in the future.

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