Point Cook Quality Meats best tips

The butcher knows best! So we decided to have a chat with Kazi at Point Cook Quality Meats and find out his best tips and tricks about the meat you purchase every week. Read his story here: 

You can request specific preparations.
Yes pre-packaged meat is convenient and quick, but it’s at the mercy of your culinary skills. If you don’t know how to trim the fat off a chuck eye roast or debone a leg of lamb, your recipe will not turn out as you thought it would. The good news is that you can ask the team at Point Cook Quality Meats to have your order trimmed and portioned to your preference or as specified in your recipe – as long as you’re willing to wait. 

There’s no difference in taste between fresh and previously frozen meat.
Ideally, you want to buy meat as close to when you’re going to cook it as possible. BUT the freezer is a busy cook’s best friend and that’s OK and most times you can’t tell the difference. Although be sure before freezing proportioned meat, remove it from the butcher paper and wrap it in plastic wrap, followed by aluminium foil. Hot tip: once thawed – if you change your mind DO NOT refreeze it! 

Just because it’s discounted, doesn’t mean it’s about to go bad. 
Contrary to what you may think, special sale items aren’t there because they’re about to go off. It’s because we were able to get a great deal when purchasing this product and we want to pass on those savings to our customers. 

If meat is expensive, there’s a reason.
Aging, marbling and grade – it all makes a difference in the price of your meat. 
For example, beef is graded, starting with standard select (which you can find at your local butcher or supermarket) then choice and prime. Prime is the most expensive type of meat. Then marbling, the more marbling, the more succulent the meat is, which adds expense. Aging helps intensify the flavour and tenderness and adds expense.  

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