This year’s hottest couple is Halloumi and Chicken.
Hot gossip everyone, Halloumi has been getting it on with Chicken. Forget Kimye, Halloucken is the word on everyone’s lips this summer. But just like Justin and Selena A.K.A Jelena, famous couples tend to end quickly. So, get it while it lasts!
In a world where demand for Halloumi is at an all-time high, never before has there been a more heavenly combination between chicken and cheese.
Oporto has crafted the perfect burger. It includes 3 pieces of delightfully squeaky Halloumi imported directly from Cyprus, a freshly grilled 100% chicken breast fillet, creamy mayo, mixed lettuce leaves with a tomato and capsicum relish all on an incredibly soft potato bun.
With the perfect pairing of ingredients, Oporto’s new Halloumi and Chicken Burger isn’t just good. It was meant to be.

Other new offers include:

• NEW Passionfruit Donuts (available in a 3 pack, single or share): Sweet, fruity and fresh passionfruit jam in your favourite fluffy dough, delicately dusted with icing sugar.
• NEW Chicken Salad: Hot off the grill 100% chicken tenders served on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves, crisp lettuce, slaw mix, Portuguese tomato salad, creamy mayo & balsamic dressing.
• NEW Add On Halloumi: 3 pieces of delightfully squeaky grilled halloumi available as an add on to any of our product range.

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Start Date: 19 Nov 2019
End Date: 24 Dec 2019
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