Local Community Development Initiatives

At the heart of Stockland’s approach to Community Development is a commitment to work with the community, key partners and stakeholders to create sustainable and vibrant places to live, work and recreate, that thrive now and into the future. Scroll down below for more information.

Davidson Institute

Helping Our Retailers

We’re working with Westpac’s Davidson Institute to deliver online financial literacy and business skills training to our retailers. Davidson Institute’s vision is to help all Australians make more confident financial decisions and we want to give our retailers this knowledge to help them achieve their financial goals.

To learn more about the Davidson Institute visit https://www.davidsoninstitute.edu.au/



Stockland Uncovered - Beacon Foundation

Beacon Foundation foster ongoing relationships between Stockland centres and local Beacon schools. Stockland employees and local students participate in Stockland Uncovered, a specifically designed program delivered in our centres that showcases career opportunities within the property and retail industries and ongoing workshops throughout the year that build confidence and aspiration for Year 10 students to continue learning. Stockland Riverton partners with Kent Street Senior High School locally.

To find out more about Beacon Foundation visit http://beaconfoundation.com.au/



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