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How to host a boho themed kids party at home


Low-key but incredibly aesthetic, a boho-themed kids party is surprisingly easy to achieve and is certain to impress both the kids and their parents. The relaxed vibe is perfect for summer afternoons spent outdoors, and will have parents lazing on comfy cushions while the kids enjoy an afternoon of barefoot fun.


From teepee tents and fairy bread to at-home tye-dyeing – we’ve found everything you need to set up, feed, and entertain the kids with a few little products from your local Stockland Rockhampton.


The set up: channel your inner hippie

How to host a boho themed kids party

Creating the bohemian look requires you to channel your inner hippie and embrace natural elements – think bare feet, wooden pallet tables, and woven cushions combined with vibrant florals, dream catchers, and rainbow balloons.


While muted and natural colour palettes should be embraced with the boho vibe, pops of rainbow colours like Kmart’s confetti Balloon Garland and Big W Confetti Poppers, add a fun vibrancy for the kids.


Rugs, pillows and teepees dotted around the garden make great activity hubs that the kids can jump between, while the natural elements of the garden mean less decoration is required – a win-win for parents! Flowers and plants are a must with any boho theme, so we suggest adding to the natural garden elements with some artificial options, like vine garlands and these vibrant florals. The Reject Shop offers a great range of incredibly lifelike flowers that will last until you decide to do it all over again next year!


Product captions: Kmart Teepee Play Tent $26 | Kmart Confetti Balloon Garland $5 | The Reject Shop Daisy Flower Bunch $3 | Kmart Butterfly Wing Cape $5 | Kmart Ivy Garland $5 | Big W Confetti Poppers $17 | Kmart Zanna Cushion $12 | Kmart Fringe Cushion $8.


Food: fun, colourful and delicious

How to host a boho themed kids party

When it comes to what to serve for your boho-themed party, let your imagination run wild. A quick search on the internet will have you inspired, and after a visit to your local Woolworths or Coles, you’ll have everything you need to create a delicious and envy-inducing spread.


Regardless of how inspired you are, you’ll want a few quick and easy options as well. We love fruit skewers for a colourful and healthy option, or for a slightly more sugary version, you can also skewer fruit-shaped lollies like bananas, jelly raspberries and pineapples. Skewered marshmallows dipped in chocolate (or yoghurt) and sprinkles are another great option, while the old classic fairy bread is a sure-fire winner for any kids party!


If you’re wanting to really wow your guests, explore the thousands of creative kid’s party food ideas on Pinterest. We love the edible flower lollipops trend, and they perfectly fit the mould for a boho-themed party. Not only do we love how beautiful they are, but we love how surprisingly easy they are to make, too.


Activities: an afternoon of colour and smiles

How to host a boho themed kids party

While the setup and the food are certainly important, we all know the way to our kid’s hearts is through a party with some seriously fun activities. While most party games will go down a treat – boho parties are all about colour, fun, expression, and interaction.


Face painting is always a winner at parties, and with Big W’s Micador Face Paint Sticks and Kmart’s Neon Face and Body Paints (and a quick search of ‘how to paint a tiger face’) you’ll be able to do it at home without needing to hire an expert.


A backyard boho party is the perfect place to try your hand at tie-dyeing, and with Kmart’s Tie Dye Kit, it’s easy enough to get the kids involved for an afternoon of colourful, hands-on fun. Take a look at exactly how easy it is with our step-by-step guide here


Choosing a good mix of simple and easy, as well as more in-depth parent-guided games is the secret to making sure all the kids are having fun and staying engaged. We suggest setting up a few activity stations around the garden, so that any kids who aren’t getting their faces painted or tie-dyeing can have plenty of other places to stay entertained. Pin some large white sheets of paper up (against a plastic sheet) for a finger painting station, a bucket of chalk on the pavement, and bubble blowers dotted around the garden. 


Product captions: Big W Kaleidoscope Finger Paint $4 | The Reject Shop Pinata $12 | Big W Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter $9.95 | Kmart Jumbo Chalk Bucket $3 | Kmart Tie Dye Kit $6 | Kmart Neon Face and Body Paints $8 | Big W Micador Face Paint Sticks $8.


For standard party supplies like tablecloths, paper plates and napkins, as well as all your party food supplies, stop by your local Stockland Woolworths or Coles.


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