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Grilled Pineapple and Prosciutto

Category: food

If you're looking for a sweet and sour, juicy and quick recipe to impress your guests, look no further than this Grilled Pineapple and Prosciutto recipe.

Easy and delicious, it is perfect for impressing guests without complicating things in the kitchen. Using only a few ingredients, make it your go-to amuse bouche for those cocktail party nights.


Cut the top of the pineapple and peel it. Cut the pineapple into slices.

Cut the prosciutto.

Grill the pineapple for 3 minutes on either side.

Slice the French stick 1 cm think and grill on either side until golden brown.

Serve immediately 

  • Serves: 6
  • Time needed: 20 min

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