Event dates

Thursday 14 November 2019

07:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Visit Luminary this summer

Visit Luminary this summer at Stockland Shellharbour. Bring the family along to Shellharbour to see the Light Installation, Crank Zappa (the Jellyfish) and Octopoda (the Octopus) as appeared in Sydney's Vivid Festival.

Located in The Avenue, these magical interactive lights will become your summer backdrop throughout Summer providing hours family fun and is a sight to see.

Come see the lights and enjoy a meal at The Avenue, available from Wednesday 13 November until end of January 2020.


The story behind the art

Crank Zappa

Crank Zappa is a hot tempered electric Jellyfish who will zazzle and zap you with his sting bites when you get too close. Crank has come to Shellharbour to tell the public what he really thinks about plastic pollution.

Crank Zappa is completely constructed from single use plastic items including 1000 plastic bags, 800 plastic bottles that were salvaged from Scotts Creek and 1200 meters of recycled twine that was weaved together by 40 Volunteers in the local community.

As visitors gather under Crank he electrifies and animates in response to human touch.

Globally we dump more than 8 million tonnes of plastic into the ocean each year. Plastic bags are particularly harmful as they are often mistaken for Jellyfish by marine creatures such as turtles who then ingest them, leading to starvation and ultimately death. Furthermore each year over 100,000 die from plastic entanglement.

Artists Amigo and Amigo, and Plasticwise have created Crank Zappa the Plasticwise jellyfish to engage the public, creating an accessible, positive and exciting platform for people to learn more about the impacts that plastic has on our environment as well as share the simple changes we can all make to reduce plastic consumption.


Previous exhibitions

  • Vivid Sydney Chatswood - 2017
  • Highlight Festival New Zealand - 2017
  • Bright Nights New Zealand - 2018
  • Edge Greenway Street Festival - 2019
  • Hornsby Council Pollution Awareness Campaign - 2018



Amigo & Amigo created Octopoda , a steampunk Octopus that invites the people of Shellharbour to become part of his tentacle percussion ensemble. Featuring eight tentacle drums, when played each activates a unique display of colour and light flashing to the drum beat. Inspired by steampunk themes, when all eight drums are playing together Octopoda will dazzle audiences with his mechanical moves and rhythmic light display.


Previous Exhibitions

  • Chatswood Vivid Festival - 2016
  • I Light Marina Bay - 2017
  • Highlight Festival New Zealand - 2017
  • Strawberry Fields Festival - 2017
  • Lake Macquarie Festival - 2017
  • Taiwan Lantern Festival - 2017

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