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Friday 18 Jan 2019

11:00 am - 02:00 pm

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Phone: 02 42 96 82 66


Jamie Oliver's Learn Your Fruit and Veg Program is a hands on cooking and food education experience for children aged 3-12 years that re frames fresh food. 
It's fun, inspirational and teaches kids about what food is, where it's from and how it affects their bodies - in a classroom environment that means that they do it together, with their friends.
It's time to give our kids something better to chew on and get them excited about real food that doesn't come wrapped in plastic or with a toy.
The workshops will be held outside Trim’s Fresh.

Classes are running Monday 14th to Friday 18th January, with 3 sessions daily
Session 1         11am-11.30am

Session 2         12.15pm – 12.45pm

Session 3         1.30pm – 2pm

Cost $5 per child, bookings essential

You can book your place at the Customer Care Desk or by phoning 42 96 82 66


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