Stockland Shellharbour proudly opened two dedicated quiet rooms ahead of International Day of People with a Disability on Saturday December 3rd. The rooms are part of Stockland Shellharbour’s initiative to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion that  saw the opening of a new Touched by Olivia playground for children of all abilities in September this year. 

The quiet rooms are designed to create a safe place for parents, caregivers and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), providing a calm, low sensory environment, which can be used as a retreat away from the busy shopping centre. Stockland collaborated with local mum Sharleen Truer on the initiative after she spoke of the difficulties she has experienced personally shopping with her sons.

The rooms feature sensitive play screens, tactile wall panels, sensory wall coverings, bean bag and dimmable sparkle lights. Each room has also been given a theme, ‘Cuddly Clouds’ and ‘Among the Trees.’

Both rooms are located within the Parents Room facilities on the ground level near the Fish Market and on the plaza level near Ripcurl.

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