There are a wide range of centre services and amenities at Stockland The Pines. For all enquiries including equipment hire, lost and found, centre directions and gift cards come and see us at Centre Management. The Centre Management office is located at the rear of the facilities corridor opposite Kmart.

Banking Services

Stockland The Pines provides both customers and retailers with the convenience of financial institutions and ATMs including the ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac.

Centre Directories

Centre directories provide customers with information on the services available at the Centre, as well as informing customers of specific retailer locations. Centre directories are available from Centre Management. We also have two touch screen Centre directories throughout the Centre to further provide easy access and convenience to our customers.

Centre Management

Our Centre Management team can assist with all Centre services. The Centre Management Office is located at the rear of the facilities corridor opposite Kmart and is open Monday to Wednesday 9am–5.30pm, Thursday 9am–7pm, Friday 9am–8pm and Saturday 9am–5pm.

Disabled Facilities

Disabled facilities are located near Coles and Centre Management, opposite Kmart.

Kiddie Kabz

Kiddie Kabz make shopping with children a little easier. They are available free of charge from the front of Kmart.

Kids Play Area

The my funland play area includes both interactive and active features to keep children entertained whilst visiting the Centre with their guardians. It creates an enjoyable and safe environment for children aged between 3–12 years old and acts as a meeting ground for parents. Located opposite Vodafone. 

Lost and Found

Centre Management provides a lost and found service for customers. Please report or hand in any items that are lost or found to Centre Management.

Mobility Equipment

Motorised Mobility Scooters and Wheelchair hire is available from the Centre Management Office. Customers are required to book in advance and provide identification upon arrival. This service is free of charge.

Parents Room

Our well-equipped Parents' Rooms holds a five-star breastfeeding accreditation. It is conveniently located near Coles.

Facilities include: 
• Double pram access
• Emergency help points
• Separate change and preparation areas
• Nappy bins
• Heated baby wipes
• Wash basins
• Play area for the kids (including plasma TV)
• Bottle warming
• Private feeding rooms
• Parents and children's toilet facilities

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