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Autumn Winter 21 Beauty Trends

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Autumn Winter 21 Skincare | Trends Seasonal Layering: Not Just for Your Wardrobe


Endota Spa share their top tips for Autumn/Winter skincare trends in 2021 for Tropical North Queensland.  

As you wrap a cosy coat over your favourite jumper, it’s time to do the same with your skincare.


Layer up, double down

Bring out your sweaters and stock up on active-packed skincare because autumn marks the arrival of cooler weather. Just as you layer your cold-weather clothes when the temperature drops, you should take a similar approach to your beauty routine.
During the cooler months, you really want to feed and nourish the skin, so the first thing we recommend doing during this time of year when it comes to skincare, is layering. The layering of active ingredients over time really helps to repair the skin. 
It might mean adding an extra step or two to your regular regimen but, come spring, you’ll thank us.


The good oil

Face oil is a game-changer for all skin types (yes, even oily complexions) to balance and nourish. Our Vitamin Treatment Oil, rich in argan, rosehip and avocado oils, is an ideal addition to your autumn routine.

At home, we recommend massaging a few drops into the skin every night after cleansing and toning. When you massage the skin, you cause the rise of blood to the surface layers and that feeds the cells and gives it that lovely ‘post spa facial glow’!

Level up with this mini facial tip: Apply the oil and massage for five to 10 minutes to your face, décolletage and neck, then apply your mask. Wash it all off and apply your serums and night cream and you’ll look like you’ve just been to the spa.


Added extras

Serums are the powerhouse of any skincare routine, delivering a hit of concentrated active ingredients to address specific complexion concerns. Add one underneath your regular moisturiser to boost its efficacy, or even layer two serums to treat your face to extra benefits.

Our New Age Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum is amazing because it contains Snap 8, which is a muscle relaxant - this anti-wrinkle agent mimics the effects of Botox! On top of that this miracle serum also contains Brightenyl which has four times the potency of Vitamin C and really helps to lift and brighten the skin and combat pigmentation.

For day, we recommend layering this serum beneath our New Age Peptide Firming Moisturiser, which will deliver a double dose of Snap 8 plus extra skin plumpers that work to stimulate collagen and elastin. 


Night moves

Sleep is when your skin does most of its repairing, help things along with a tailored night cream built to repair while you rest. At night, we suggest topping up with our New Age Cellular Repair Face Cream for a shot of peptides and vitamins plus extra hydration while you sleep. Paired with the New Age Triple Defence Eye Cream, built to aid elasticity and reduce puffiness and dark circles, your overnight autumn beauty routine just got a whole lot more powerful.

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