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In conversation with Leopards Lunch

Category: fashion and beauty

We spoke to Australian creative force Leopards Lunch (Kate Philipson) about her life, career, and style tips. And now you can view her amazing work at Stockland Townsville!


Tell us about a bit about yourself and how you started your journey as an illustrator and artist.
I have always loved to draw and come from a very creative family but didn’t follow a traditional art school path after leaving school. I actually went to university to study animal behaviour. It wasn’t until later in my 20s that I started drawing again and realised that it’s what I should be doing, instead of working in an office. I did a few part time courses but I’m  mostly self taught. Now, almost a decade after leaving my office job, I’m very happy I did. 

Leopards Lunch is such an interesting name. Can you tell us the story or inspiration behind it?
When I first started I was very interested in the studying the similarities between animal and human behaviour through art - I still am now but draw many more humans than I do animals. I chose Leopards Lunch as a name because I liked the alliteration, leopards are amazing animals and that to a leopard we humans are lunch. 

How would you describe your style?
I usually describe my style as pop art meets comic book. I’m heavily influenced by both of these styles - my illustrations reflect popular culture and images we see in the media, they are bold and colourful. They are also emotive and tell a story. I want the people I draw to have hidden depths and make the viewer wonder what their story is.  

How has your career evolved over the years?
Every commission I take on has an impact on my style, confidence and identity as an illustrator. When I started I had no preconceived ideas about what I wanted to work on - I just wanted to draw for a living. Now my style has evolved to be distinct and unique to me and I am more confident about my ability to respond to a brief. When I first started out one illustrator I spoke to told me it took him 10 years to find his stride - I am almost at that mark and have to agree with him. 

What has been your proudest accomplishment or project to date?
I am really excited to see the launch of this project with Stockland Townsville - physically it is the biggest thing I have ever worked on, and the three dimensional elements are an exciting addition that I haven’t done before. I still get excited to see my work in print wherever it is - and it’s very exciting that this particular artwork is on the other side of the world to me in a country that I love.  

You designed a beautiful fashion piece for Stockland Townsville that can be seen in the centre. What was your inspiration behind the mural artwork?
My inspiration for this artwork really stemmed from the fact that it was to be printed on a construction hoarding. We walk past them every day and I often daydream about what is going on behind those temporary walls. The concept Fashion Dreaming sprang into my mind and I had a very clear image of how this surreal fashion dream world should look.

What are the top fashion tips that you live by?
Monochrome and red lipstick always works for me. I love colour in my illustrations but rarely wear it anywhere but my lips. 

Leopard Lunch Kate Philipson Fashion Mural

You can check out more of Leopards Lunch's work via her Instagram @leopardslunch or website 

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