To celebrate local Indigenous artists, a gallery art wall has been created in partnership with The Cultural Centre at Stockland Townsville. Meet local artist Nindi, and find out about her work below.

Rosalind Faye Sailor is an Indigenous artist in the Townsville region. She was born in Cloncurry N.W.Q. Rosalind is of the Waanji Nation from her mother’s side and Kuku Yalanji from her father’s side. Rosalind’s signature name for her art is Nindi meaning free spirit. 

Nindi’s work reflects her knowledge of her beliefs and traditions which is presented in a contemporary format. Her work is part of a movement that promotes and preserves Aboriginal culture as it evolves into the modern day. A blend of many clan groups who have in most cases been thrown together, creating new styles and art forms. 

“We now have our stories to tell and I say this without forgetting my heritage”


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