Parking at Stockland Townsville

Stockland Townsville has over 2000 free car parks and 800 undercover. 

There is a parking guidance system in place for all undercover parks indicated by lights above the car space:
GREEN    indicates vacant 
RED        indicates occupied
BLUE       indicates available disabled car parks
PURPLE   indicates available Parents with Prams car parks 

Accessibility Parking

Designated accessibility parking spaces are located close to centre entrances at both Stockland Townsville Myer Centre and Stockland Townsville Kmart Centre. 

Parents with Prams Parking

For your convenience, Parents with Prams parking is available close to all centre entrances at both Stockland Townsville Myer Centre and Stockland Townsville Kmart Centre.

Parking Height Restrictions

All our undercover car parks have height bars installed to ensure your safety.

PLEASE NOTE: heights do vary in different parking areas.

Nathan Street Car Park Height - 2.3m

Alfred Street Car park Height - 2.1m

Quick Park Zones

We have introduced Quick Park! 

119 car spaces (out of our total of 2,300 parking spaces available at Stockland Townsville) will be designated as 90 minute ‘Quick Park’ parking spots. Our Quick Park spaces will be located within our ground level car park accessible via Alfred Street. The idea is to create an area for higher turnover parking spots that specifically cater to customers who want to do a quick shop. 

We’ve introduced Quick Park spaces following feedback from customers and retailers and we hope this will be a positive and welcome modification to our parking arrangements and, as always, we’d appreciate your feedback.

The Quick Park spaces represent around 5 per cent of the total car parking spaces at the centre. And, of course, we want our customers to feel welcome to shop for as long as they like, which is why some 2,180 car parking spaces remain untimed and available for customers to park for as long as they like. 

We have no plans to introduce parking fees and there are no changes to our existing parking spaces for parents with prams, disabled drivers, and motorcycle parking spaces.

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