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Behind each of your favourite stores are passionate, hardworking people who welcome you to take part in their story, every time you walk in. Here, we introduce you to the faces behind some of your favourite Stockland Wendouree retailers. Learn about the history of their business, the products and services they offer and what they love about their local community.


Meet Marcus of mycar.

My Car









What products, services or experiences do you offer?
At MyCar Wendouree we offer a full range of car servicing, from tyres, batteries, suspension,  brakes and more. 


What feedback to you get from your customers?
We hear that we do honest work, we are reliable and we go above and beyond for our customers. 


What drives you and the team to success?
Our team is driven by delivering great service at affordable prices.  We work hard for our customers keeping their safety at the forefront of everything we do. We also try to make sure they leave the shop with a smile.


What is your current role and main responsibilities?
As the Store Manager, I pride myself on ensuring a smooth and efficient running of the store so that we can deliver timely, reliable and personalised service to our wonderful local customers.


What’s three words that describe you? 
Honest, Reliable, Funny


What are some of your favourite stores in your Stockland centre? 
I can’t go past a new game from EB Games or a hotbox from Chinese Kitchen!


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