Show your love to the person you love with the help of Stockland Wendouree.

Dinner for two
Spend quality time with the people you love and get creative in the kitchen.  Pick up a copy of our Summer of Food Magazine from Centre Management, the food courts or Casual Dinning or view it online

and whip up some summertime favourites including Rainbow Rice Rolls with Cashew Dipping Sauce with Raspberry and yoghurt ice cream for desert (yum!)

Everything you need can be found at Coles and Woolworths


Diamonds are a girls best friend, find these at Michael Hill.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Diamonds or no diamonds, jewellery is still one a great gift. Why? Because we often don’t like to buy it for ourselves!

The staff at Micheal Hill and Angus & Coote are ready to help give you hand in picking the perfect piece to make their day.
Image: Michael Hill.



Pamper yourself
Self-love. The best kind of love. Treat yourself to some you-time with a pedicure from La Bella Nails, a massage from Tai Chi Master Massage or a treatment from Laser Clinics Australia.

Oh so sweet
Let’s be honest, desert is a sure way to anyone’s heart. Grab some donuts, cookies or a Valentine inspired cake from Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse.

You love one have a sweet tooth, get them a fix at Fergusson Plarre

The perfect home
Nothing says love like a beautiful new candle from Dusk to make their day.

Your little loves
Valentine’s Day should be celebrating all of the love in your life. Why not share something you love about each other at the dinner table tonight?  Little ones LOVE to hear what you love about them.

BBQ with friends
Gather the troops and fire up the barby and enjoy a night of friendship.  Check out our bbq recipes to impress and add another level of fun to the night with a new board game from SmokeMart & GiftBox.

Don’t forget your pets
Whether it’s fur, feathers or fins, one thing we know for sure is that we love our pets! Treat them to a new toy from Kmart or maybe a bone from Coles or Woolies.

Date Night
Life is busy. Take some time out and let us do the cooking at Tokyo Sukiyaki House or Roll'd.

Don't forget the card.

You'll find a great range of beautiful cards, chocolates and gifts at Nextra

Cards and Chocolates are always appreciated.  Get yours at Nextra

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