Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Surprise Your Date


The excitement of surprising a loved one with a thoughtful gift or simply spending the day with them to show you care is the epitome of Valentine’s Day. Though as each new year passes, February 14 seems to be on our doorstop quicker than ever. 

Embrace the excitement this Valentine’s Day and stroll into your local Stockland Wetherill Park, where you’ll find everything you need to make it one of the best yet!

If the idea of enjoying a tasty meal with your significant other in the comfort of your own home appeals, then this Valentine’s Day idea will ensure it’s one of the best yet.

There’s no need to make reservations to bring a little spice to your Thursday night because we’ve come up with a three-course menu you can create from home all of the ingredients in one convenient location, at your local Stockland Wet. The recipes can be as simple or as sophisticated as you’d like and the best part? You can source herill Park.

Only a few steps into the centre and you’ll find ZAG Seafood Fresh seafood straight from the trawler and onto the pan. Venture a little further and you’ll come across Trim’s Fresh where you’ll be able to bag some vibrant veggies before heading down to MD Meat or Chicken Mart to snap up some of the best cuts of meat and poultry or in the region.

The final ingredients to perfect your Valentine’s Day menu from home can be found at Baker’s Delight and if you’re really on a roll, why not add some final touches like a fresh bunch of fragrant blooms from Bright Flowers, too?


Valentine’s gifts they will love

Oftentimes love can be found in the smaller details.

A cologne from City Perfume that he wore when you first met is a wonderful way to spark memories that you may not have thought of in years, or you could pick up the latest action-packed blockbuster or new-release video game from Big W that he’s been talking about for months.

Maybe a little R&R from Lee Massage and Acupuncture would make her smile after a busy week or if you’re time-poor like most of us, but still want to show your loved one(s) some appreciation, you could pop into Red Dollar or The Reject Shop to pick up a beautiful card. There’s something to be said about writing a love letter reminiscent of some happy memories and re-reading the message years later.

Still in search of the perfect gift? Head over to our offers page to grab a great gift at a special price.


Dinner and a movie

The age-old tradition of dinner and a movie with your significant other will never go out of style. A low-fuss Valentine’s Day date idea where you can book a table and satisfy your cravings at one of our Kinchin Lane Restaurants before kicking back to take in the latest blockbuster at Hoyts Wetherill Park cinema, all in the comfort of air-conditioning and a recliner chair. Check out the session times here

The only way this V Day date night at Stockland Wetherill Park can get any better is with a choc-top from the lolly station. 


Pack up your dinner and have a picnic

Take advantage of the warm evenings before the sun sets on summer yet again, with a Valentine’s inspired picnic in the fresh air.

Make your way down to Coles or Woolworths to find some goodies for your basket, pull out the picnic blanket and if the babysitter isn’t available, get the kids involved to enjoy a family picnic at the Lizard Log on Cowpasture Road.

If the weather however is less than appealing, take the picnic and move it indoors for a surprise evening filled with love and good food. 


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