Stockland Wetherill Park Community Wall in partnership with ACSYA

Stockland Wetherill Park Community Wall 

Stockland Wetherill Park is excited to exhibited and bring to life community art pieces and creative works from local schools and community groups. The intention of this exhibition space is to shine some light on the wonderful initiatives and programs running in our local community.

The creative works Exhibited on the Community Wall have been donated by the Assyrian Cultural and Social Youth Association Inc. Details of the association are as follows:

The Assyrian Cultural & Social Youth Association Inc. (ACSYA) is an independent organisation committed to the celebration of Assyrian culture, heritage, and advocates for our nation's productivity by fostering initiatives such as field trips, workshops, training sessions, educational, cultural, and social events/ activities.
Empowering and engaging our community is at the forefront of what we do to achieve long-term benefits now and in the future. These initiatives deliver on ACSYA's commitment to drive and build a stronger Assyrian community whilst actively engaging our youth.

Furthermore, ACSYA provides various platforms for the discussion of matters concerning our community from a national and or global perspective.

The Assyrian Cultural & Social Youth Association Inc. (ACSYA) understands the importance of culture and aims to build a bridge from our community within the diaspora to our ancestral homeland. 

ACSYA was born out of a concern that assimilation was leading the Assyrian community away from our language, arts, literature, foods, customs, traditions, and identity. 

We aim to enhance the vibrancy of our culture through carefully designed trips to the homeland. We examine core values that have been part of our people's life for thousands of years – e.g. The Assyrian new year, exploring ancient archaeological sites to unlock secrets from the past, traditional music, cuisine, language and faith. For further information relating to our educational trips, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss this in further detail with you.




To register your interest, please email wetherillpark@stockland.com.au or contact Centre Management on 9609 776. Community exhibitions will rotate on a quarterly basis.

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