Broaster Chicken

Broasting® is a unique cooking method developed in 1954 when Broaster’s inventor and founder L.A.M. Phalen combined the principles of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer into one commercial cooking appliance. The results – in quality, flavor and cooking speed – were revolutionary.

Because it’s pressure fried, Genuine Broaster Chicken® is more tender, juicier, and flat out tastes better than ordinary fried chicken.


Opening Hours

Monday 12:00pm - 11:59pm
Tuesday 12:00pm - 11:59pm
Wednesday 12:00pm - 11:59pm
Thursday 12:00pm - 11:59pm
Today 12:00pm - 11:59pm
Saturday 12:00pm - 11:59pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 11:59pm
Ground, Polding St, Wetherill Park, 2164

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