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10 essentials to get you road trip ready

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Stay safe and have fun this long weekend with these helpful road trip tips!

With the Easter long weekend fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and spend some quality time with the family! Road trips to national parks, forests, camping grounds or remote beaches are great ways to get out in the open and make some lovely memories with the kids.

However, being well prepared can make all the difference between having a fun and enjoyable holiday away and a trip you’d rather forget. 

So to help you get organised these holidays, check out our essential list of road trip must-haves to guarantee a stress-free time away!

1. Get your chariot checked out
Book an inspection with your local Kmart Tyre & Auto for your vehicle to have an overall check up. Your mechanic will take the time to assess everything, but the essentials include:

- Brakes
- Tyres
- Suspension
- Belts
- Battery
- Air conditioning
- Engine cooling system
- Wipers

This way you can fix what's required ahead of time and know that your car is in perfect shape for the journey ahead.

2. Emergency road kit:
It’s important to pack an emergency road kit because you never know when you’ll be in a pickle! Some important items to pack would be a first aid kit, jumper cables, coolant fluids and oil, a bottle of water and a torch.

3. Entertainment:
While scenic views are highlights road trips often provide, the little ones and teenagers might not appreciate this opportunity as much as you do, getting bored and cranky fast!

So be sure to pack some entertainment. Bring along some tunes for the car ride, audio books and podcasts, colouring books, a DVD player, an iPad packed with movies or a smart phone filled with games. Or just to be safe, pack all of the above!

4.  Goodies Bag:
Along with your kids entertainment, pack goodies bags, to reward good behaviour!

5. Prepare your navigation map, app or device ahead of time:
If you’re bringing your navigation system along, a handy tip is to enter your destinations in a few days ahead and save them so you’ll have one less thing to worry about on the day.

However if your front passenger is your navigator, use a highlighter to trace the roads required on your map for easy vision while on the road.

A great time-saver is using a navigation app on your phone like Google Maps or iOS Maps. Save your locations like rest stops and destination ahead of time. For Google Maps, a great feature is setting the map to show the area you’re travelling to and using voice commands, say “OK Google”; this saves your map to be viewable offline and can be a lifesaver for when you lose mobile reception.

6. Spare Keys:
It’s a good idea to carry a spare set of keys with you, in case you happen to lose them or they get locked in the car.

7. Cables and chargers:
The downside to electronic devices is that they usually need chargers to survive. So remember to pack all necessary phone, navigation, camera, laptop, iPad and portable DVD cords and chargers, so you can juice up your devices while in the car or once you reach your destination. 

Tip: Don’t let your devices run out of battery while your kids are quiet and enjoying themselves, get your hands on a portable battery charger. Simply charge at home and they will provide instant energy to almost any electronic device at any time.  

8. Medication
If you or the people you’re travelling with require medication, figure out how many days you’ll be away and pack your required dosage the night before.

9. Useful Apps
Download useful apps like a low fuel price app (Cheap Fuel App), a weather app (Weather Zone) or a parking app that can help you remember where you've parked (Find my car App) and also search for free parking near your area.
Also, if you’re a member of an Automobile Association like NRMA or AAMI Roadside Assist, give them a call ahead of time to ask about coverage and any changes in traffic conditions before you depart.

10. Pack a smile
Finally, as much as road trips can be fun, sometimes unexpected things can happen. So try to stay positive and deal with things calmly, so you can get things fixed fast and enjoy the rest of your trip!

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday! Please remember to make frequent pit stops and not to speed.

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