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10 gifts your man will love

Category: fashion and beauty

Whether you think it’s cheesy or romantic, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to spend some time together alone with your sweetheart.

Though gifts for guys are traditionally not expected, exchanging gifts as a couple is a romantic gesture to show your appreciation for each other. The best gifts are always personal and from the heart, but as we know men are always hard to shop for, so to give you some inspiration, here are our top picks:


Cufflinks are a classic and subtle way to customise a suit and add a little personality. Most guys seldom buy their own and you can never have too many pairs so it’s always a safe Valentine’s gift. Show that you’ve been paying attention with a pair that reflects his interests or has stones of his favourite colour.


Go-Pro Camera

For the outdoors type, the must-have tech gadget of the year is definitely the Go-Pro. It’s a gear-mountable, waterproof, Wi-Fi connected camera and video recorder and even the basic model provides stunning image quality. Clip it to a surfboard, a kayak, a dashboard on the next four-wheel drive or onto some skis on the next snow trip – the only danger is he’ll be too excited to play with the camera to focus on dinner!


Designer socks

Chances are you’re the style guru in the couple. So here’s an opportunity to give him something that both celebrates his individuality and updates his wardrobe. Choose a pair with bright bold colours or interesting patterns and don’t worry whether they match an outfit, because it’s designed to stand out. He might snigger at first, but trust us – it will be his favourite pair of socks before you know it.


American Crew essentials travel kit

Guys like to pretend otherwise, but they love a good set of products as much as the ladies. Choose a product which is simple to use and has a masculine packaging and fragrance; this American Crew Classic Essentials Travel Kit is perfect. It has everything he needs to start his day including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave gel and post-shave cooling lotion.



Watches are like jewellery for men, so they are a great personal gift. But they can also be expensive and there are a lot to choose from. Start by deciding which occasion best suits your man’s lifestyle – will he be wearing it at work, going out, lounging around or playing sports? Then decide on your budget and narrow it down from there.


Money Clip

Thanks to the skinny jeans trend, bulky wallets are a nuisance for guys when they’re going out – especially if they’re not wearing a jacket. This Valentine’s Day, introduce your sweetheart to a money clip and we guarantee he’ll be thanking you on the next night out. The best rule of thumb when choosing one is the simpler the better. For extra credit, you can even engrave his name or your special date to make it a truly unique gift.


Tap King

If your fella loves an ice cold beer at home after a long day, this is hands down the best pick of the bunch. The Tap King is a mini keg dispenser designed for his fridge (or man-cave) and comes in a range of popular beers such as Tooheys Extra Dry, James Boag’s and the James Squire Chancer. It may not seem like the most romantic gift to you, but he and his mates will definitely love you for it.


Urban Ears headphones

A must for all music lovers are a great set of headphones that looks as good as it sounds. So if music is the food of love to your man, choose a set of headphones in his favourite colour this Valentine’s Day. The Urban Ears range comes in a great range of colours to suit every personality and its chic, iF design award winning looks will make sure he doesn’t look like he’s wearing them for hearing protection.


Footy gear

Show you support his interests by snagging him a jersey for Valentine’s Day—just make sure you do some recon and pick the right team! If you’re a fan too, why not pick up two tickets to the next game or even a season pass so you can spend some time together and enjoy the game.

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