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5 Tips To Make Grocery Shopping Easier

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Grocery shopping is a task that needs to be done, we need to eat!  If you don't go to the store properly prepared it can take you twice the time.  Here are some tips to make grocery shopping easier:

1. Go to the store with a shopping list

We all like to think we can remember, but reality is we are forgetful.  Going to the grocery store with a shopping list will save you money as you won't be buying unnecessary items and will prevent potential food waste.  It will also ensure you won't be forgetting products you may need.

  • Create your meal plan by determining what meals you are cooking for the week. Take into consideration the food you already have in your fridge and pantry. Read more about how to meal plan here
  • Write down all the ingredients you need for your meals. 
  • Don't forget to add breakfast and snacks to your list too. 
  • Check the specials catalogue and see what non perishable items are on sale, add to your list 
  • When writing down the items you need to purchase, group similar products together. Ie all fruit and vegetables listed one after the other, then all cold items together etc. By grouping together this will save you time and not going back and forth through isles.

2. Go to the same grocery store

You will save so much time when you visit a familiar grocery store, making it easier for you to find items as stores stock their shelves and aisles differently.

This will also help when making your grocery list, you can list the items in order store layout.  ie fresh fruit and veg at the entry, frozen items last on the list as they are at the back of the store.

3. Organise your products ready for checkout

To make the checkout process faster it's beneficial to group like items together for baggage. Not only is this helping the cashier and making it faster, it is also preventing fragile items getting squashed and keeping cold/frozen items cool on the drive home.

  • Place all heavy items on the belt first. This is so they are at the bottom of your trolley and won't squash any other items like bread or eggs. 
  • Group cold and frozen items together, so they can be bagged together and help each other stay cold on the drive home. 
  • Place meats together so they can be bagged alone and not bleed onto other items. 
  • Grouping fresh fruit and veg together will help with unpacking at home.
  • And lastly place all fragile items like bread and egg last on the belt so you can put these onto of your shopping trolley and they won't get squashed.

4. Keep a bulk supply of non perishable items

As mentioned above it's a good idea to stock up on non perishable items such as cereals, cleaning products, toothpaste, soap, pet food, etc when they are on special.  These are the type of standard products that you may need to buy each week but when purchasing on special you will be saving yourself money.

5. Shop at off-peak hours

If your schedule allows try to shop during the non busy periods such as early mornings, late at night or during the day on weekdays as there are fewer people to navigate around and the checkout lines will be shorter.

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Written by Katrina Springer - The Organised Housewife

Kat has a passion for organising and baking. She shows how she manages her home, family and more via her blog The Organised Housewife, one of Australia’s most popular parenting blogs. Kat inspires and helps her readers to create systems and routines from organisation to cleaning, sharing how she stays in control at home through cleaning tips, organising ideas, family friendly recipes, printable charts and more.

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