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Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Category: kids

It’s almost that time of year again! The one day a year that it is socially acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast (and lunch and dinner, too!) But before the bunny comes, we’ve got some planning to do. We all know kids love chocolate, but remember, finding it is half the fun! Set up Easter-themed games to suit kids of every age, and something special for the grown-ups to boot, with our three new alternative Easter egg hunt ideas. 

For Toddlers

While an assortment of eggs ticks boxes across the board, tailoring your treats to your tot can make the afternoon even more enjoyable. Think stuffed animals (bunnies, of course), tiny chickens, butterfly stickers, bunny ears and bubbles – basically anything bright! Scatter your surprises – and eggs of course – around your garden or your house and let your little one loose!

For Kids

Now, slightly older kids like to seem all grown up – so why not encourage that? Intersperse alternative age-appropriate activities like Easter-themed books, DVDs and toys for them to find. Believe us, this will only add to the excitement (and hopefully detract from the sugar high)!

For Adults

You didn’t think we forgot about you, did you? After all your Easter efforts, treat yourself (and your adult loved ones) to the Easter gift basket of your dreams. Combine decadent chocolates with freshly-baked hot cross buns for a mouth full of holiday goodness. Simply add a beautiful succulent and enticing fragrance for an element of luxury, and enjoy!

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