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Best gluten free play dough recipe

Category: kids

Play dough is a classic childhood toy loved by kids of any age. It’s also surprisingly fun and easy to make at home together!

Not only is play dough a lot of fun and a great way for kids to explore their imagination, it’s an important tool to help develop fine motor skills. The malleable properties of the dough helps build up the strength in younger kids’ hand muscles and tendons, while older kids can benefit from the hand-eye coordination and general concentration.

It’s also surprisingly easy to make at home and a great way to spend some time with the kids! So clear the afternoon, grab the kids and try our simple no-cook, gluten-free recipe below. 

Ingredients for gluten-free playdough

What you’ll need: Cornflour, baby rice cereal, vegetable oil, unsweetened apple sauce, food colouring, a large mixing bowl and a spatula (preferably silicone for easy washing).

Bowl with combined baby rice cereal and cornflour

Step one: Combine one cup of baby rice cereal with one cup of cornflour and mix well.

Adding oil to the bowl

Step two: Add in one tablespoon of vegetable oil and one cup of unsweetened apple sauce.

Dough in bowl

Step three: Knead the dough with your hands once all the liquid has been absorbed by the flour and work the dough through your fingers to combine. If you find that the consistency is a little wet, add more cornflour until the dough easily separates from your palm when kneading.

Red coloured dough in bowl

Step four: Once the dough is formed, flatten the dough in the bowl and create a little well in the middle. Add in one tablespoon of food colouring and fold in. Mix the colour in well and add more if desired. Try to use the spatula here first to fold in the dough to keep your hands getting too stained!

Balls of coloured play dough

This recipe should make the perfect amount for one portion of play dough. If you’re making more than one colour (and the more the merrier!), add an additional cup of cornflour, apple sauce and baby rice cereal for every additional colour and continue as per above for step one to three. Then, separate out the dough in equal portions and add colouring separately as per step four.

Items needed to make play dough monsters

Play dough gives kids endless hours of fun and possibilities on their own, but if you have older children, a few extra props will make it even more special. 
Get some gooly eyes, beads and pipe cleaners and let your imagination run wild! Please do be careful though and make sure kids are supervised when playing with these as they can potentially be choking hazards.

Play dough monsters

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