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DIY Book Week Costume Ideas Part III

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No matter your age, there’s something incredibly special about curling up with a good book. Some of the fondest memories of childhood begin with a story – one that whisks you away into another world, if only for a few minutes. You might say that’s their superpower. 

Books can teach us lessons and have a magical way of both creating and answering questions. They introduce little ones to smart, brave and creative characters, can assist in expanding vocabulary, developing and nourishing the imagination and can help to develop critical thinking skills. 

Maybe the most of important lesson of all however, is that books are for everyone and can help to build special bonds between adults and kids. These are the memories we carry with us throughout our lives. 

Each year, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) brings children and books together by celebrating the CBCA Book Week. This year, the theme is: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds and the week runs from October 17 – 23, 2020. 

Get into the spirit and bring your little ones’ favourite page-turner to life with a fantastic (and super easy to make) Book Week costume. Curious tot? The cheeky brown bear costume will be just right. Little lover of the outdoors? The ladybird get-up will be the pick of the bunch. It’s time to get creative and prepare for this year’s Book Week with these handy tips and tricks. Oh – and no sewing is required!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See by Bill Martin and Eric Carle

Book Week Costume Brown Bear

Pages filled with cheerful characters and vivid colours, this classic children’s book never goes out of style and is a staple in many a bookcase. 

Designing your own little brown bear costume is also super-duper simple. Pick up some tan pants and runners or boots and pair them with a teddy jacket – on-trend at the moment and the perfect costume accompaniment. 

Create the ears and paws using a brown headband, some brown and beige felt, fabric glue and two rubber bands. 

Book Week Costume Brown Bear Requirements

Fold felt in half and cut two bear-shaped semi-circles for the ears. Hot glue together, leaving the bottom open to stuff 
Cut the lighter felt in the same shape as the ears, only smaller and hot glue on
Stuff with newspaper and seal with fabric glue. Leave to dry
Hot glue onto headband

Cut two round circles out of brown felt and glue a rubber band to the back of each 
Cut a few smaller circles out of the beige felt to create the pads
Fabric glue the pads onto the paws. Leave to dry. 

Use black eyeliner to draw a little nose – then the only thing left to do is perfect their big bear roar!

The Bad-Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle

Book Week Costume - The bad tempered ladybird 

Contrary to the name, you’ll have one very happy, buzzing tot when they pop on their little bad-tempered ladybird costume, yet another classic children’s book by award-winning author Eric Carle. 

Simply pick up a red top or dress, some black tights and adhesive felt, a headband, pipe cleaners, red cardboard and fabric glue. 

Book Week Costume Materials

Trace and cut black spots out of black felt 
Draw wings onto cardboard and cut out 
Stick black felt spots over red top and wings
Twist pipe cleaners around headband and curl to make the antenna
Safety pin wings to top of shirt. 


The Lion Who Wanted To Love by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz

Book Week Costume The Lion who wanted to love

A story of a brave little lion who dares to be different… does it get any cuter than that? Transform your child into a roaring lion with a costume that’s sure to turn heads and have your little one leading the pride at the upcoming book week parade. 

This courageous costume is as simple as pairing a tan shirt or button-up with some cargo pants and boots. Finish the look with a DIY mane, tail and ears.  

Book Week Costume Materials

Simply cut equal lengths of yarn and plait together. Tie off the ends
Take the yarn again and wrap (loosely) around three fingers about 12-15 times
Take the loop off your fingers and tie yarn around to secure the circle 
Once tied securely cut each end to create a pom-pom
Make at least 12 pom-poms for the mane and keep one or two aside for the end of the tail 
Cut a few equal lengths of yarn making sure they’re long enough to go around your little one’s head and plait together. Tie off at each end
Tie each of the pom-poms around the plait to make the mane, leaving enough at each end to tie around chin. 

To make the ears, fold felt over and trace ear shape. Cut them out
Hot glue pieces of felt together to create two ears, leaving the bottom open to stuff 
Cut the lighter felt in the same shape as the ears, only smaller and hot glue on
Stuff with newspaper and seal the bottom
Place two hole-punches through felt and attach to top of mane with twine. 

Complete the costume with some eyeliner for the nose and whiskers of course!

Little Cloud Costume by Eric Carle 

Book Week Costume - Little Cloud 


Don’t rain on our parade! This is one little cloud that you’ll happily welcome for the upcoming book week parade. Another best-seller by Eric Carle, The Little Cloud book makes for a fun costume that’s anything but gloomy. 

To create this fluffy, billowing masterpiece you’ll need to pick up a party hat, blue yarn and felt, a roll of wadding, spray adhesive, hot glue and some grey spray paint to give your cloud a 3D effect. 

Book Week Costume Materials

Start by pulling wadding apart in little tufts and spray glue adhesive onto hat 
Stick tufts to hat to build foundation 
Continue gluing and building the tufts across the hat until it begins to look like a cloud. Leave to dry 
Lightly mist with grey spray paint. 

Cut 20 x raindrop shapes (of same size) out of blue felt 
Cut yarn into varying lengths 
Hot glue raindrops together onto strings of yarn (some with two and some singular droplets)
Hot glue strings of yarn to the underside of the hat, leaving room for their face. Leave to dry

Pair it with a grey dress, some stretchy leggings and pop on some gumboots, ready to dance (and parade) in the rain!

From the old classics to the new gems, books have the ability to delight, educate and inspire – so get your DIY on and let the creative ideas flow this book week. Who knows what secret powers will be unleashed when your little ones pop on their costumes! 

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